Low Income help for retiree

I have a few questions that I would like to find some answers to :
We live in Colorado I’m 63 and my wife is 69, we are both receiving SSA benefits.

It doesn’t amount to very much per month. My wife gets her health Ins. for free, I have to pay for mine, which is very costly at this time.

With the rent on my house and the other bills that I have it is very hard to have any money for food.

I also have to care for My disabled son, he does get SSI but that goes to pay his doctors bill and medication.

I have tried to apply for assistants for food stamps and housing but I was told that we are over the Amount we can make per month to get any. When I check the web sites it says that I qualify
But when I went down to the county services they said that the web site was wrong.

Does Anyone know of any programs that I can get into for help or where I can go to find out how
I can qualify for any of the county services programs?

Wendy's reply: In todays economy, its not always easy to get help. One suggestion, senior housing... read my senior low income housing and senior apartment under HOUSING, just might be the idea you need. Most will have you apply and wait for openings, but if you do get in, the rent and utilities costs is far less than a rented house.

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