Military and Just retired

by George/20yr retiree

I'm glad I stumbled on this and to listen to familiar stories. It has been difficult trying to adjust.

I had this great plan before I joined, after getting out, get into law enforcement after doing 20yrs of service. Now I'm too old, my back is blown out and I have hearing loss and an autoimmune disease. Didn't think that one out too well..piss poor planning honestly.

Feels like I'm starting from the bottom and I'm 45yrs old nobody as I look for available jobs before time runs out. When I see one that I have skills in and feel overly qualified in... I'm not good enough unless i have a piece of paper. Leads me to looking at some jobs that i have no interest at all in doing.

I cant get my mind around how do you go from being put in a high-stress environment through most of your career to...hello..the tampons are on isle 5?

I cant sleep and when I do I toss and turn. I'm angry, depressed and an emotional rollercoaster. I should just find me a military woman so i can get some bah lol. On a serious note though keep your head above water. Im going through an emotional state as well.

We just got to push through and accept the things we can't change and focus on the things we can. Don't let this kick your a**. We been through worse and survived.

If it means starting from the bottom and working your way back up then so be it. We all know how to do it and the best thing about it now is if that boss wants to hold you back you can always look for a new job and quit.

The military was my family and i loved it dearly. It gave me honor and a purpose and pride when i put that uniform on...also headaches and the "I cant wait to get out" quote, figmo, dgaf...give me my DD-214! Now that time is over but we still honor it because we will always be a part of it.

You are my brother, my brister?

The service took care of us and we focused on the mission. Now it's just about making money to survive..even if the mission is directing someone to isle 5.
Yay..crappy mission..roe=smile upon contact.
Payday..success then enjoy the day off.

I hope you land a job doing something you love and if not then I hope you enjoy doing something you love on your day off. Keep it balanced.

Best of luck to you brothers/sisters.

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I hear you
by: Larry Steward / SC

I can certainly related to all the points you made. I am a Vietnam vet and now serving as a Career Coach for those 60+ including those who want to work in retirement, those leaving the military and those in jobs they don't like.

I can connect you to a number of helpful veteran support sites and resources.

I also want to encourage you to check out the Facebook sister site of this community called "Working in Retirement".

I feel you are sure to have a lot to offer. What can help is developing a strategic action plan to get you there.

Keep moving forward.

Sounds awful familiar
by: Mike/Minnesota

I too joined for a 4-year hitch to get some law enforcement training (in Vietnam hopefully, was the plan) then come out and join the St. Paul PD.

Well, I was thrown into the intelligence analyst world, liked it, stayed for 20 and the PD wasn't looking for 40-year old recruits with no law enforcement training...sent out 150 resumes, got 2 responses (one bug-killing company and an import-export clerk...heavy sigh!).

Wandered into the local civil service place, lots of different openings - tested and scored a 110 out of 100 (10 points for being a veteran), 25 years later retired (again).

The ideas for local help are great, also, and check with your local Veteran Service Officer for additional ideas.

Your local veterans service organization (American Legion or VFW) may also be of help.

Keep going
by: Laura in Vermont

You actually retired from the military! I only lasted 4 years and it was hard readjusting to civilian life then. So it must be 5 times as hard for you!

The military was your whole world. Now you need to build a new one out of pieces of the environment. Work, of course, is for survival, but there's much more to it than that.

Think about joining something. Some people do church and find a community there. Others race cars, do genealogy, make stuff, shoot guns.

Follow your interests and find your people.

Maybe this will lead to a better job somehow.
Use your GI benefits to give yourself a leg up. Go get some training for a job you want, get your medical through VA so you're not so dependent on work for insurance. Buy a place cheaper than anyone else.

And keep that sense of humor!

Public safety
by: Sharon

You sound like a good fit for public safety for your state😀

by: Wee-zer

Go to your States and Town's websites to look for jobs. Depending on what you did in the military, you might find something that fits your background.

In my State, State jobs usually require taking a test to see how high you score. Those who score highest are interviewed. Plus, if you served in the military, they add on extra points to your test score which bumps up your final test score. You could be first on the list.

Don't give up. Even if you have to take a menial job you don't like, you will get a paycheck and can keep looking for a better job in the meantime.

Good luck!

by: Lee in Colorado Springs

I'll bet there are a lot of options you haven't thought of yet that would value your military experience. Civil service jobs?

Back to school?
by: Mary Ellen

Could you use your military education benefits to go to school, either technical school or college?

My son was a Sergeant in the USMC and trained to be an air traffic controller. He medically retired after 5 years and now works for the DOD as an ATC. But he has since used his benefits to get a BS in aviation science and to get most of his credits towards a BSN so he has another career after retirement or if he ever can’t pass the flight physical for his present career.

He’s almost 40 with two small children so he’s thinking ahead. He has a slew of orthopedic issues that may slow him down at times but he keeps pushing on.

I wish you the best of luck and I hope this helps.

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

You are doing fine. You do sound a little angry, but you've also got a great sense of humor!

Life is about adapting to the constant changes in life, so many options and possibilities.

Surely you don't want high-stress for your entire life?

Time to allow your mind, body, soul to slow down a bit, smell the roses, help people in smaller ways, help your body unwind from many years of stress.

Retired life is good!

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