Military Retirement Anxiety

Military Retirement anxiety, like law enforcment anxiety, is different than non-military retirement.


I think military and law enforcement careers force this cohesive bonding between employees, like nowhere else. That's not bad, it's great... they need to have each others back in so many stressful situations.

Then comes retirement... and those co-workers are gone. They are probably still working, and you've retired.

BOOM. Gone.

Your normally too-busy days are now filled with nothingness. Nobody is asking you for advice, nobody is even around.

BOOM. Gone.

Please Share Your Own Story on Military Retirements

Your comments will help others to think about military retirement, before leaping into the "depression at retirement" pit. Please share what happened to you so that others can plan ahead accordingly:

  • Did you fall into anxiety or depression when you retired?

  • How long did it last?

  • In your opinion, what helped you to break away from this anxious state?

  • How did you walk out that retirement door? Did you voluntarily retire, or did you leave because of a disability, employer forced you out, etc?

  • Tell your military story... why is it so difficult to leave it all behind?

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