More on Vegas Living... Dinner in China Town

by Wendy

We had dinner last night in China Town - at a "real" Chinese restaurant.

China Town is at Spring Mountain and Rainbow... don't you LOVE even the street names in Vegas? I do! China Town is an Asian community, and we were at the Asian strip mall with shops, restaurants, foot reflexology (several of these shops so it must be BIG there), and more... and many of the building signs are in Asian characters.

We ate where the Chinese/Asian folks ate.... not the Americanized version of Chinese food. In fact, there were only 2-3 other non-Asians at this restaurant, like us.

Oddly enough, our Kung Pao chicken dinners had few veggies. I expected lots as that's what our local Michigan dinners have, but not in the "real" restaurant. We had egg drop soup, Kung Pao dinners, sticky white rice (love it and I don't know why).

It seems most of the regulars were eating family style -- several dishes in the middle and everyone taking their share from them.

After dinner, we met some old friends at Fiesta... folks they met years ago and have played with for 20+ years now. Dad was lucky -- won $600 on a Loose Deuces machine... me and mom, not so much... grin!

P.S. If you are ever walking through a Las Vegas casino and see a too tall blonde senior, with an ipad on her lap surfing the internet OR an ipod plugged into her ears while enjoying an audio book -- it's probably me! Who else might use an ipad in a casino while everyone else is busy playing? Grin!

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