by Ricardo

This might be more appropriate for Mother's Day, but this past Valentine's Day I thought of my departed Mother.....a "sweetheart" of mine.

Somehow, she did it ALL. She raised three boys with a"bit" of help from my father, had a full time job, did ALL the cleaning,cooking,ironing, {remember that}, gardening, and grocery shopping. I never once heard her complain, she was content and happy if her family was content and happy. Of course it did not always work out that way!

Mom was very easy going and her life revolved around her family. The disciplinarian was dear old dad.....oh boy, sometimes it hurt! We ALL remember the saying,"just wait till your father gets home",.....oh dear Lord......how do I get out of THIS ONE? Mother would always try to "lighten the load" as mother's do, sometimes it did not help.

I recall her deep faith over all those good AND bad times, but she never gave up her belief in her family OR her Creator....

Love ya Mom, keep a spot open for me "up there", but let's not rush things!

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