Moving on

by Sharol

Hi Wendy,

Well my friend, I want to give you my two cents. First let me say I agree the three types of loneliness are different, but I believe that's because we each have different influences and conditions that effect each of these types.

I also believe that each of us is unique, and so are the experiences and the way we perceive things that we face in life.

I do want to tell you this and it is that for me being socially isolated was a choice and one that began long before the Covid epidemic, and also long before I got old or retired.

Social isolation for me came about for many reasons but mostly it was because I had many negative personal experiences, and that meant I didn't trust people, or myself either, so I chose to hid behind a wall of excuses.

Without telling you my life story all I'll say is that as a teacher, in my professional life, I hardly ever felt isolated, alone, or lonely because I always had my students.

But in my personal life, well I felt being socially unavailable, being alone and lonely was how I could protect myself from being hurt and betrayed, a way to avoid lying, selfish people.

When I retired, when I no longer had my students, I realized how lonely I truly was. I also began to realize that I was letting what had happened in my life manipulate me and that choosing to isolate was not what I wanted anymore.

I began wondering if I could change, if I had enough time to change, or if I needed a miracle to happen so I could or would have everything I ever wanted.

I have many weaknesses but I also have strengths and one of mine is determination and believing there are answers, we just need to find them.

That is why I started on my a journey to find answers. It was not an easy journey for me and it took me four years because along the way I became sidetracked, and the truth is I made many mistakes and had a lot of failures too, but each time I would go back to searching for my answers.

So now the connection of what I have written to your article and why I'm responding. The answer is that as I kept searching I reconnected and rekindled my faith.

In doing so the image of the old, wrinkled, lonely, isolated, all alone person that had always been reflected in the mirror was changed and now my image was with God and Jesus as my friends and old and wrinkles didn't matter.

So my friend Wendy, those three types of loneliness that you addressed, do impact each of us in different ways. I am happy to say that the old way those impacted me with a sort of crippling fear, is no longer what happens.

The positive thing is anyone who is struggling can get a new image like I did and it's as easy as watching or listening to Grace ministries.

Thank you for letting me share my experience and the way to find peace.

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