Senior Isolation and Loneliness

Do you realize how much senior isolation and being lonely affects you?

I am curious, do YOU feel alone? or lonely? Or Socially Isolated? I think the three are different... what about you?

It may have started with COVID, and before you know it, you’re feeling lonely and opting out of your social life. You are forced out by quarantines and stay at home,  but then maybe you choose to remain home sweet home.

Loneliness isn't easy

You know that feeling lonely is difficult, but this goes deeper... much deeper. Senior Loneliness is an epidemic on it's own. 

Feeling lonely changes the chemistry of your brain, and according to research, it can make mental health issues feel worse.  Your health declines, blood pressure increases, inflammation, weight gain, and more.

People living in pain will feel it more when alone. Think about that -- your focus is on the pain so it would be felt more.  

If you are naturally more introverted at home (me too) simply pushing yourself out the door can feel really difficult, but it makes a huge difference.

It’s time to start putting yourself out there again.

And don’t limit yourself to only meeting people your age. Everyone needs younger and older friends.

No Senior Isolation here!

Elettra (left) is 100 years old in October 2022! Jennie (right) is my mother at 96 in August 2022. Both are perky, laugh lots, and keep each other active!

I am lucky that I *must* (not really) go visit mom at Assisted Living every morning. It's GOOD for me to chat with many, and good for them too. These are seniors who are mentally capable and like to be talked to like they are human (not senior patients) so they can think things out, and provide feedback to me. It's a win-win for them, and For ME!

If you wonder about Social Isolation REALLY mattering, try this article about a scientist who lived in a cave for six months to see what happened. The brain changes in isolation, even the volume! This really matters!    Read More Here.

A few ideas to jump out of Senior Isolation:

I want to pay my Assisted Living Visitations forward. I am blessed and want to help you from loneliness and isolation too.

Community Facebook groups. If you are on Facebook, search for yours. You might find community events (just go, get involved), issues you weren't aware are happening (and you might help resolve), boards looking for a new member (if the interest is there, why not you

Start a group, or join a book club at your local library.  The group could be a local seniors group -- start on Facebook, then invite them to monthly lunches at local restaurants. 

Register for a class.  What have you always wanted to learn? You can even learn online, but if you'd go to a painting party, adult education class, community college class, etc.. it's better for you!

Join a gym. My husband leaves home at 8:30am every day. He's met  seniors who all go approximately the same time, after the worker bees are off to their jobs. They do exercise, but they also chat a lot. He really enjoys the interactions and often tells me what someone is doing. 

Volunteer.  It feels good AND you’ll meet people who have the same passions as you. Volunteering is  needed more than ever in this strange post-covid times when the next generations don't work like we did. I don't understand it, but workers are needed everywhere -- you could work part-time or volunteer. 

Call a Senior Neighbor.  Ask if they want to take a walk or go out for coffee. As you chat, you'll find things that you both enjoy chatting about, and this brings about a true friendship!

Once Again --

#1 -- I am curious, do YOU feel alone? or lonely? Or Socially Isolated? I think the three are different... what about you?

#2 -- Are you interested in meeting with a group of seniors online, using Zoom? I would set up meetings and we could chat.

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