My America

by Clifford Rothband
(Coconut Creek Florida)

Is it Capitalism per se or greed, or a government gone awry? I read about the sick cat from a shelter.

One could believe in their heart that the cat was left for a better future. Better than the abandoned felines around a local park. I know for a fact that feral cats are captured and made infertile, then returned to the place where they were picked up. More humane than euthanasia some might believe.

My father on his deathbed about begged to be put out of his pain. To pass unconsciously, say in our sleep I would presume is everyone's wish, since we all die in time.

Now let me tell of my weeks terror.

My doctor age 62, a Chiropractor who relieved pain for so many people over the years. I admire his fortitude listening to others distress, offering both physical help and a ear of a psychologist. Well Dr Roth had an amazing event when his grand daughter was born this special day.

His wife Linda was going from the office in South Florida to New Jersey that afternoon. John calls her on her cell phone that something is wrong, that he can not drive home alone. Linda picks him up and they proceed to the closest ER. John has had a stroke and bleeding in his brain.

Now the criminal part. John and his wife could no longer afford the health insurance of $1200 and dropped it after all these years. Now the ER wants $35K , that is $35,000.oo, that is thirty five thousand -- "up front" to admit him ! So they gave him this 62 year old practitioner a cursory exam, some meds and sent him home !!!!

Sorry if I ruined anyone's day. Truth is always harder than fiction.

We read about 4.9% unemployed in the USA. A real figure is about 20% considering the grown children living at home, the Homeless and those whose unemployment insurance has run out and have about given up. WTF!

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by: Loyce Smallwood

Survival can often be gritty and tough and we observe animals in nature and how they persevere or not.

Having an attitude of entitlement will often prevent solutions since money/insurance make the difference and not having the latter often spells catastrophe.

We must try to make wise choices to try to maintain fitness and good health and afford INSURANCE paid from our hard earned money, often making a life/death difference. Some have NO insurance and survive and others have insurance and have failed to survive.

Outcomes are often unpredictable.

by: Joe W.

I am based in Canada where we have universal healthcare. I would urge all Americans to fight for their affordable healthcare because it is a human right NOT just a commodity to be bought & sold.

If you live close to Mexico maybe they could offer you something that makes more sense then what is presently available in the USA.

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