My Hoarder Ex is my House-Mate

by Anonymous

I feel ya.
(This post was written in response to another post, but I didn't want this to be missed as I bet others could help or be helped on the topic of Hoarders! Wendy)

My x is my roommate and is "horizontal surface" challenged. Any cleared horizontal surface becomes his dumping ground.

The only way I combat this is to take some horizontal surface and fill it up with stuff that I would normally use and then immediately put away.

Hence in the kitchen, I have a sort of space crowded with my: cuisinart, crock pot, blender, a bunch of whole grains in containers, my cocoa mix and stevia in the raw, a container into which I toss my favorite cuisinart attachments. This is the lengths I have to go to.

The basement?

Oh, the top of the dryer is ALWAYS full of his stupid clothes.

The ironing board? Full of his crap.

My egress step ? full of his stupid weights, clothes, etc.

Sometimes I take his crap and put it on his exercise bike, which is placed SMACK DAB in the middle of the bedroom.

The basement pantry shelves? He throws his crap all over them leaving no room for groceries.

SO SELFISH. He has his own bedroom, so much furniture stuffed in it you have to walk sideways, angling your feet every which way.

Shops constantly. OH YES, LOVES empty boxes. Might need those suckers some day, right?

It does help to stop being considerate and putting your own stuff away. Let him squeeze into the leftover spaces. It won't change him, but at least you will be able to have some surfaces for his stuff.

The lovely dining room table? Oh, yes, his unfolded newspaper of course is tossed over your meager place mat. I have marked off my placemat and some area around it with a few of my books, salt and pepper shakers, a goblet.

It helps if you intrude into the area he would normally consider his stomping ground.

So, is the glass half empty or half full? I must occasionally take a little revenge and I will do something annoying that he will never guess I did, nor will I tell him.

It is worth it just to see the almighty HIM frazzled once in a while.

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Original poster
by: Wee-zer

Why is it that in most articles on Retirement-Online, the original poster never responds to comments made to their original post?

Wendy: I think it's because many don't leave their email address when they post, so they aren't notified of feedback. If they get the newsletter, they could check it the following Sunday.

I looked at this specific post, no name or location, and no email.

However, I pray every post helps someone out there, whether the person who originally posted OR another retiree in a similar situation.

Hoarder Ex house mate
by: Joy/ Tx

Not sure why you make the choice to live the way you are but it is your choice. We all make choices and have to live with the consequences. Good bad or in between. Hope you find peace in your life.

My Hoarder
by: Anonymous

Sorry, I don't think this will help anybody because you are tolerating his behaviour, not finding a way out of it.

Get your own place
by: Michael - Sunny and Warm Venice Florida

Why are you living with this slob? Get your own place. If you don't think you deserve better - RUN to therapy!

by: Wee-zer

My question is why do you choose to live with your EX? It must be for financial reasons but YUK to living with that pig. I would rethink living with him and if you can, move out. I would rather live in a small apartment than to live like that.

I am not perfect and my Hub drives me nuts at times but he is nowhere as bad as you describe! In fact, from what you describe, my Hub is a saint!

I have to say my revenge would be to start throwing things that are out of place, out! Little by little, especially stuff that has been strewn around a long time.

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