New to Retirement?

by Alvin

Do not obligate yourself to something that might consume to much of your time, or you'll regret it later.. and not allow you to be free to do what you what, like visit others, take quiet time out for yourself, leave town for awhile.

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Clayton's Cookies small business idea
by: Joe W.

@Alvin, Hey, everything that is worthwhile you are going to have to spend countless hours, especially if you are passionate about a new project in your retirement life.

For example read Clayton's comment again. Can you feel the enthusiasm and specific focus that Clayton is creating? I think it's good enough for someone to offer Clayton a joint-venture business proposition.

Good Luck Alvin!

Joe W.

Discovering a talent hidden until retirement...
by: Bill Clayton

Cookies are my favorite food -- I'm devouring one right now (yes, while I'm typing). Not out of a package. It's right out of the oven, made with my own two hands. I recently and I'm discovering that I'm a kitchen ninja with cookies as my throwing stars...

by: Ned

If new to retirement, keep active... there are many organizations that would love to have some help and it can be on your terms . Then it gets you out with others that can give you support or just good conversation as a reward.

Look at Senior Centers, Schools, churches, Hospitals... there are many organizations supporting all sorts of causes and you might find a bunch of new friends as well.


Alvin...good advice!

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