NEWS (or Not)

by Ricardo Mauzer

Let's begin with trying to dissect the term "news", since of late it has been a serious topic of conversation...everyone is talking about "news."

Well, first of all let's go to that ancient source called a dictionary. It is defined as,"recent events and happenings/written or broadcast information about recent events."

So, we have a start in developing a broader definition of the term "news." Now, one may experience a recent event and put their own spin on what in fact they were exposed to.

Another individual may in fact be exposed to the same event and put their own spin or interpretation on what they were exposed to, but, what really happened?

So, someone reporting the event, whether in written form or broadcast form, if they in fact were not present during the event is merely passing information on from a source that did witness the event. Many reporters witnessing the SAME event may in fact interpret what they see, hear, smell, feel, or taste differently from their fellow reporters or witnesses. So,is their experience a real one or a so called "fake" one? Is their reporting of the "news" that they are experiencing real or fake.

I suppose we would in fact have to once again go back to that ancient source called a dictionary for an answer. Fake would be defined as, "not genuine;false;fraudulent."

On the other hand, real is defined as "not imaginary,fictional or pretended;actual,authentic or genuine." So it boils down to any one source perceiving what is experienced and passing on their "perception" to the public in written or broadcast form. Some may interpret that sharing as "real" or "fake" news.

Many sources experiencing the same event should be reviewed prior to forming an opinion on whether the news is in fact "real", or "fake."

The ball is in our court in determining what we accept as "news."

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