Now That It's Here... I'm Angry!

Where I work, people normally retire after 30 years of service. I have 27 years in and am feeling the Big Squeeze.

It makes me feel bad; stressed, anxious, betrayed and particularly angry at the level of disrespect and lack of thanks being shown to me for all my years of "hard time"!

I understand on an intellectual level, why it's happening. I never treated those who left before me badly, so why do these people treat ME this way?

I think there's a certain contingent of co-workers who have taken up the duty of squeezing those out who are eligible to retire, like it's part of their job description or something. It's like a bunch of carrion/vultures.

There's a part of me that wants to go back in 20 years and see how those yo-yo's are being treated as THEY approach their own retirement, just for laughs.

I don't know why I ever thought it should be any different for ME, but I think it must be true that those who left before me must have been getting treated badly too, they just didn't show it. And that would explain why retirees at the company picnic look 10 years younger, because the stress of getting pushed out was finally over!

And boy did most of them look pinched and pale towards the end... so sad to have to go through all that non-sense!

Wendy: Absolutely, I heard this all the time when employees were doing retirement paperwork. Especially in Law Enforcement, the young newer cops teased the older ones... but it also happened with clerks, attorneys, custodians.

Part of it, I think, is the fact that when you are younger, even under 50ish.... you think: Why Oh Why Doesn't She Leave? I would if I could.... You can't WAIT to taste the Freedom that Retirement offers.

Later, when those same person are of retirement age, thats when you see the whole scenario completely different. Yep it's still complete freedom, but at retirement many of the lifetime pressures are gone: kids moved out, finances mostly levelled out, home paid for, whatever.

Retirement becomes a NOW WHAT?

Those are the answers all of us seek... some will be happy and content with a lot of NOTHING, others need to be mentally or physically challenged and stimulated daily.

Anyways, you are sooo right in the thought that many are "forced out". They DO retire voluntarily, but the reasons they left aren't completely what most family and friends assume they are.

Best Wishes!

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It will be their turn soon
by: Nancy

My last 8 or 9 years of working were very stressful as well. I almost lost my job because of harassment and bullying by a young man less than 25 years old. The last year of my working was very stressful. Then when I was training the person who took my job, the hell took on another dimension.

I would like to say that the skies cleared the day I retired, but I had a terrible time adjusting. I've been retired 5 years now. I would like to say that I am happily retired, now, but I still miss working a whole bunch.

I went back to my workplace (for the last time) a week ago for a retirement party. I was very much triggered, and it took me 3 days to get over it. My anger and depression dissipated when I went on an overnite trip with my husband. Maybe that should tell me something.

Wish this sounded more hopeful, but I should just say that retirement adjustment appeared to be much harder on me that is the norm, so it probably won't be that way for you.

Downsizing...polite word for 'Lay Off'...
by: Steve

I can relate to everyone's posts on this board. It sure does help by sharing those comments. If it wasn't for me finding this site, I probably would have kept all this pent up anger inside.

You see, I, too, was laid off from a company that I spent over 30 years with. I rose thru the ranks within the company with a very comfortable salary, 4 weeks vacation per year, 401K, great health benefits, etc. I worked in many of their stores at various times.

During the last 8 years with the company, I was constantly on the road traveling the East coast to the West coast and everywhere in between! This sure put a strain on my family at the time. I never complained.

Then in '04 a new CEO took over the company. He was responsible for the closure of several stores company wide and laid off many long time, senior employees, myself included! No warning - one day coming into the office and **BAM**....upstairs to receive the boot! Ha! Try to find another job when one is at the magical age! Age discrimination is alive and well...don't get me started!

Ok, long story short, this CEO gets 'fired' a year later from the same company. This is after he ruined many a employee - and gets away with millions in stock options and an even better severance package. Go figure! Sound familiar anyone? ***Whew***...feel better now!

Can't look back anymore...advice I learned from this site. Many fine posts here and lots more to study. Have a great day everyone!

Big Squeeze
by: Joe W.

Many workers today are feeling the the 'Big Squeesze' after only 5-10 years on the job.

I think that getting a steady pay check for 27 or 30 years is a blessing today.

I suggest that it would be more practical to focus on a 'retirement plan' instead of worrying about other things.

Good luck!

Joe W.

We Win
by: Anonymous

You can add teachers to that list. When older teachers under a famous educational reformer, the common denominator was their evaluations were meant to send them out the door.

I was not one of them. I stayed for another three years and left at the age of 62.

Bringing in the younger teachers resulted in discipline going down the drain and young teachers leaving with fewer than three years under their belts. The older teachers had thirty plus years.

The real problem facing older employees is that stability is now an ugly word. Jobs, living in a neighborhood, and many other areas of life no longer respect stability and longevity.

We win because, all of the ones now pushing out older workers, neighbors, etc. if fortunate will they will be one of the older ones.

Now that it's Here
by: Nancy

Thanks for your post which reminds me of the many injustices and maltreatment people get in the workplace.

I worked in lots of different places, some better than others. I agree that when I was younger I, myself, thought, why don't they just retire? I would!

I always looked forward to retirement and longed for it. When it came, it wasn't what I had hoped. This forum helped me the most.

It sure helped to know I wasn't alone and wasn't crazy because of what I felt. Take care.

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