On the Autumn Season

by Rikk Mauzer

Not much happening this weekend . My usual exercise program in the mornings. I did some yard work, pruning, dead heading some plants, purchased some mums for the fall display, and will be dragging out some of the Halloween stuff.

This time of year I get a bit depressed knowing that soon Jack Frost will be killing most all of the plantings that I nourished all summer long, my "babies." But, I have enjoyed them for a number of months now and they have given me great joy by putting on a wonderful color display for all to enjoy! With fall in the air, she will put on her own display of a palette of autumnal shades.

I guess ALL seasons have their pluses and minuses....there can be no beginning without an end, and this season of growth is ending, only to look forward to a new beginning in the spring....kinda like the cycle of life itself....birth, growth, and death. I will try to welcome this new season with open arms....

Welcome to the Autumnal Equinox.....enjoy!

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