One Nation under God - Faded Glory

by Boniface Hampel

You know as I was pondering on what to write this time around I came upon a shirt of mine, nice blue color, kind of jeans material and it has a sticker inside the collar reading: Faded Glory.

Of course, that is only a company selling shirts under this brand name. And yet when I think what our Founding Fathers had in mind when they put into the pledge of Allegiance One Nation under God then sometimes it may look like our nation today is not taking the under God part anymore so serious.

Yet I feel in my heart that this is not true.
Americans, if they believe in a God or not, rally around the pledge of Allegiance and take it very seriously.

I remember the first time I had to take this pledge before a Judge in court at Lincoln, Nebraska in March of 1970. I was deeply moved and then when the Daughters of the American Revolution gave each one of us new citizens a little flag - it meant so much.

I had just renounced any affiliation to the country I had been born in. My thinking then was that my country of birth had put me through troubled times, made me a refugee and demanded many sacrifices from its people and how difficult it was and had been all through the years of WWII and afterwards till recovery took hold in Germany in the 1950´s.

There was faded glory! But then also the Church was much stronger because it thrives during times of persecution.

I found freedom in America, welcoming people, a sense of doing good to those who were not as fortunate.

And I am certain, it is WE THE PEOPLE who have to put God ahead of our interests and live accordingly. Only then can we be truly One Nation under God.

Wendy: Beautiful Post, Brother Bon! Thank you!

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Aug 14, 2011
Thank You !
by: Zenobia

Thanks for this wonderful article/devotional.
I truly enjoyed it.

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