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by TJ

Greetings from South Africa.

I have read your Online Business and your response to my first 'introductory posting' a while back. Some interesting and exciting possibilities for which I thank you. I have also downloaded some documents = discover your niche for example and registered for your online workshop.
I would like to know more about setting up a blog - particularly a paid blog.

I will also definitely kick off using your site as a starter. I just need to go through my folders and find an appropriate photograph to start with.

I am jumping the gun I know but how does one get paid.

Wendy: TJ, there are so many ways to get paid online. It totally amazes me and just when I think I know most of them, I find more interesting options.

I wrote a page about target="_blank">Passive Income here.

The easiest way is Google Adsense... click most categories to the left - Hobbies, Keeping Busy, Memories, etc.. and at the top of each page, right under the page title, you'll see an Advertisement. That's Adsense.

You write pages into a blog. You add Google Adsense code to the pages, and done. Sometimes, Google selects the Ads to run based on the page topic... hobbies, keeping busy, or memories.

Othertimes, its based on YOU, the reader. For example:
Last week, I watched a webinar done by Lynn Terry, one of my mentors. She visited webpages of some attendees, and reviewed what they did right and wrong. As she was flipping around one site, blue jeans from a specific brand kept being advertised... finally she laughed about it. Apparently she had just purchased a pair but had done searches for them recently. Google knew she was interested in those jeans, so they showed her ads for same.

Hope this helps!

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Another Question
by: Tim, S. Africa

Wendy, greetings.I have been jumping around www about starting a website or blog to earn an income.

I have come across Wordpress which is free and appears similar to SBI.

What are your comments on this option.

Wendy: First, I wrote a few pages on free vs paid blogs here: Read Step 3 as it will show you why each type of blog/website works... find what works best for YOU. is NOT free -- but you can put ads on the site to earn an income.

Wordpress.COM is FREE, but you can't put ads on those sites. You don't own the domain name (sometimes they sell for BIG BUCKS) or the content....

Free is good for FUN... but if You want an income you need a real site.

Wordpress is cheaper than SBI -- but SBI, though very very thorough, its an all in one package and SBI has no security concerns. I am biased, SBI is really one fine product. Their user guides are phenomenal, huge forum full of too-helpful people doing the same things you are attempting too.

WP sites are hacked all the time, though you can buy security add-ons etc. MANY use Wordpress, many sell themes, and some themes and add on products don't mix as all different persons made them.

I am SBI addicted, tho I realize many will pay less with WP. I have a few WP sites, and don't do nearly what I do with SBI.

Hope this helps!

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