Prescription Drugs...
Ask for generics and save!

by Wendy
(Retirement Village, Hometown)

Just picked up my meds from the local CVS... and Wendy is a Happy Girl!

I had called the doctor last week.. I needed 2 renewals, but:

(1) I wanted a 90 day supply as that's cheaper with my health care insurances..

(2) I also asked for a generic as a cost-saving measure.. hey, retirees gotta think about these things!

Usually I pay $50 for a 30 day inhaler and $50 for my antihistamine. That's $100 per month for drugs.. simply for my allergies.

So I just picked up THREE inhalers and THREE months of antihistamine - the total $60!

That might not sound like a deal -- but compared to $100 per month X 3 months = $300 for three months!

I saved $240. -- wonder what I can buy for myself? Grin!

I think I deserve something nice for being a conscientious retiree!


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Ask for generics and save!

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Big $$ Drug Savings
by: Tiffany

That's a big amount of savings, in my opinion! I thought pharmacies automatically filled with generics...see how much I know!

Wendy: My prescription drug rider requires generics, or I thought they did. I bet my doctor wrote DAW on the prescription: "dispense as written" so the pharmacist follows orders.

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