Recalulation of Social Security benefits possible?

by Ruby
(Tampa Bay Fl)

Is it possible to have a recalculation of my social Security benefits? Ii took early Social security. I am now 68, and trying to survive on 434$ a Month, after working hard all of my life. How can people all be getting so much more than I am? even ones who never worked in this country???????

Wendy: Unfortunately, no, you can't ask for a do-over. That's why folks without savings and plenty of income (working part-time, a small business, pension) need to keep working before they retire early.

Just working a few years longer gives you a nice boost to the Social Security check - as well as extra income during those years.

Rethink how you live -- can you move into a low income apartment? Can you share your home with another senior to combine income/expenses? Work to earn a small income on the side?

Not great solutions -- but at this point, you kinda need to think "out of the box" a bit!

Best Wishes!

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Low S.S. benefits
by: Anonymous

As far as housing goes, some senior citizen apartments ask for 30% of one's income. It's possible to find an apartment that includes the heat, electric and water.

Wendy Absolutely.. that's how my dads low income apartment was. He was struggling in his mobile home between lot rent and bills. Then he moved and his income worked nicely again.

I wrote about my fathers low incomesenior apartment here.

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