Reflections and Holiday thoughts

by Ricardo

As we "wrap up" this year of 2022, I think we all reflect on what has occurred in our lives, the so called good, the bad, the ugly, for better or worse the year is concluding.

Have we accomplished all that we had planned to do this year?

Have we reached out enough, forgiven enough, spent enough time with our loved ones?

Have we been charitable with those less fortunate?

Have we been thankful and appreciative of our talents and abilities and used them constructively to help others?

Have we wished that we could have some things differently?

Do we yearn for those that we may have lost and wished for one LAST good bye?

Have we been patient with ourselves AND others?

Our lives are a gift from the Almighty, not in years, but a day at a time, sometimes a moment.

Today is made for us, could be the most important day of our lives, we never know! Yesterday is gone, never to return. Tommorrow is a secret and may not come.

Only today is ours.

How shall we share our "gift" with others this holiday season and all thru the year?

That question is to be answered by one and all with reflected grace, learning from the past, cherishing today and hoping for a promising tommorrow rich in love and kindness to all that may cross our paths.

Happy holidays to all!

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Dec 23, 2022
Beautiful Ricardo!
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

Thanks for this inspirational post!

Love you!

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