Resveratrol Scams

This page is about Resveratrol Scams, in response to an email I received.

After I posted the What is Reservatrol? page, I received an angry email from a retirement-online reader. I asked Reservage for a reply and I'm now posting both emails for review.

I'm trying to find sources of help for retirees who seek happiness and Reservatrol from the Reservage Company, I believe, can help with that. It's natural, not one more prescription drug...

Anyways, I want to be up front and show you what occurred and let you be the judge. Also, I do get 4% of Amazon purchases... if someone bought directly from the site. If they buy from Reservage, I earn nothing. This website is my supplemental retirement income and helps retirees as well.

Thanks! Wendy

p.s. Thank YOU to "Crabby Old Lady" below... I wasn't aware of this problem and I'm glad I can shed light on it, and help retirees find beneficial resources for this product.

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First Name: Crabby
Last Name: Old Lady
E-mail Address:-- deleted --
State/Prov: co
Age: 65
Write to me...: Shame on you promoting quack medicine from a scammy company. I suppose that this is a good example of how YOU make money when retired....shill for companies!!

Reservage Reply:

Hello Wendy,

I hope you had a pleasant weekend.

Regarding the email, we are very familiar with scam Resveratrol companies. What they do is offer a free trial and once they have your credit card information they continue to charge you without your permission. Often it takes months to get off their list, scamming individuals out of hundreds of dollars.

As you can see, we do not offer any free trials and are completely against all companies that do such things. The Better Business Bureau monitors these type of companies and repeatedly shuts them down.

It's unfortunate that some companies have taken advantage of many individuals, but please know we are not like these companies. We were a finalist for the 2010 Best New Company of the Year from the American Business Awards, and we pride ourselves on sound business practices.

Please let me know if you would like me to go more in-depth regarding these scam companies.

I hope you're having a great day.

Warm Regards,

Public Relations Specialist

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