Retire to Something

by Hans S
(Calgary, Canada)

Unless you have no choice (illness, layoff) plan something to do those early months after retirement to avoid boredom and possible depression.

Remember a job is more than doing, it is part of what you are and you won't be that after you retire.

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Adjusting to Retirement
by: Patti

When I retired I had no other interests besides my career. I worked long hours - sometimes 14 hours -
and my job consumed me. There was little energy left to do much else.

So when I retired it felt like I had nothing. Nothing but endless hours stretching in front of me and no idea how to fill them.

If I could do it over, I would have cultivated some interests and built a social network outside of my work. It is very lonely to retire and then have nobody to do things with, and no idea what to do. I take a class now, and do volunteer work driving people to the doctor, which I enjoy very much. I do a lot of window shopping. I read and watch TV and talk on the phone.

I've managed to find ways to fill up the hours. But the first few months were gut-wrenching for me. I went into a deep depression for many months.

So I think the key is to have an idea of how you'll fill the hours before you retire, so it's not such a shock when it comes to pass.

O Planning for retirement
by: Joy is not so joyful

Hi again Hans. Yes, you are right, plan something for those early months for retirement. I am no longer the great Russian history teacher guru.. I am just another retired person, who had NO plan. Well I plan to read, but it is not enough. But I am getting there, in accepting where I am now. Good advice Hans and again good luck to you in acceptance in retirement and learning to enjoy it.

by: Anonymous

Thank you! This is the first email I have read about retirement that makes so much sense to me. You are so right! Thank again for sharing your thoughts.

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