Retired and Feeling Acknowledged

by Wendy

Sometimes in life, regardless of the circumstances, you simply need someone to hear you. Oprah talked about validation in her last farewell tv show, which I loved.

As some of you know, I've been taking Life Purpose Coach certification training for months now. Acknowledging and validating is really important in coaching. I wrote this post back in June - having just watched the Oprah show a few weeks before - but never posted it. Tonight I feel abundantly blessed and just need to pass on the kind words of a colleague.

In my training, I was working with a new friend, Peach, who was coaching me. This is the email I received after our session. I was already feeling really good about what we had discussed... but this email says it all. I am Validated and feel really good today! Thank you Peach for your too kind words!!


Hi Wendy:

I totally appreciate you and your “ISTJ” personality preference : ) What you have to offer me is so great as a reflection of the world opposite of my own perspective--and I love it. You deliver with such warmth, kindness and compassion, in spite of being factual, sensory, thinking and structured (which could be very cold and impersonal but is not).

I believe you have much to offer—from your life experience, professional level, and also your desire to help others. You are totally a bridging person, and that is a gift to the planet. Not many people have found ways to work their life purpose out in such a natural and childlike way. Knowing you is a good reminder to me of how “typing” is only a small tool.

You defy the stereotypes and also give me a clear, human example of God’s beauty expressed in humanity.

Thank you for being you.

Peach Jacks, Life Transition Coach

Wendy: Find someone and acknowledge them today! It doesn't have to be written and beautifully worded like Peach's email.. a simple "Good Job!" to the grocery store clerk will do. It is so humbling, costs you nothing, and yet will make that other person stand a bit taller, feel better, and bless the world around them! Imagine how our world might change with every retiree reading this acknowledging someone out there! Wooo Hoo!

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Retired and Feeling Acknowledged
by: Irwin Lengel


What can I say? Your words and the Email from Peach says it all. If only the majority would feel the same way. Can you imagine how wonderful this world would be! Thank you for being who you are.

Wendy: Thanks Irwin! I think its all about recognizing our daily contacts. Peach did it in a big way for me, and I'd bet she doesn't even remember this one email. But it's just an example to tell those around you that you do appreciate their efforts.

I see my parents a few times a week, and I need to acknowledge their presence even more (esp. since they are in their mid 80s).

Life is Good!

And, Irwin, I am so thrilled that you came into my life on my website. You've written so many articles that other retirees comment on, retirement thoughts that help real lives, thoughtful pieces too. Thanks YOU for being YOU! Kudos to you and thanks for helping everyone out there!

"Being You"
by: Ricardo

Yes, Wendy and Irwin, we all as human beings need to feel wanted and appreciated by others.....acknowledgement is soooo important in our lives! As I near retirement,{down to about a month now}, I am getting many comments from my co-workers as well as from my superior, concerning the warm feelings they have for know what, it makes me feel good......I think I'll pass it on to others!

Feeling Acknowledged
by: Zenobia

Hello Everyone!

I very much enjoyed and appreciated Wendy's article on acknowledgement.

I will admit that this can be the "invisible" stage of life, where we can be invisible in our family life, and to society at large.

We are acknowledged ( supposedly) for our wisdom but that is only when young folks are in despair and/or pain and need some of it and we know they are rarely going to use it, but we have become a convenient "ear" for them when they need it.
They will not remember it until they are the age we are right now.

The larger part of acknowledgment comes with the simple things. Just know that as long as we are breathing, we are important to the scheme of things and to the design of life.

Magazines and other places report that people 50 plus are doing this or that...and the world marvels, because supposedly our creeky bones and fuzzy thought patterns are not supposed to function past this time, so they treat everything as an "Awwwww" moment, when it is just the stuff we do every laugh, cry, speak, eat and love. We also work, date, dance, decide, think and socialize. We are stronger, more fit, more aware ( just look at the enormous number of senior writers, bloggers, hobbyists, etc) and more "involved" than ever.

As small as it might seem, acknowledging someone for breathing, living, achieving, just as big as handing them a prize.

I try to do this with a helpful clerk or cashier. I have even remembered their names ( from the name tag) and called the store to let a manager know how wonderful they made my shopping experience. I acknowledge the Walmart greeter, not just pass them by with no response to their greeting.

As the world seems to get colder by nature each day and people live in the distant world of their cell phones and computers, we can make a valiant effort to feel relevant, simply by acknowledging them.

I want to give a big acknowledgement to Wendy for putting this all together for us, so that we can be encouraged and to encourage someone else.

Thanks Wendy!

ZL Silas-Carson

Wendy: Zee, I had to bold part of yours as it was sooo good! Yes, this is important... I love it!

Kudos from Wendy
by: Irwin


Actually the thanks goes to you. Had I not found your website, I may not have ever re-ignited my desire to write.

While I have been busy and haven't posted anything lately, my intentions are to begin posting more in the future (leastways up until October when I may take a hiatus for a short time - gathering material for future articles).

Thanks again for your guidance and assistance in allowing me to share some of my thoughts about retirement as well as how we spend our time "being retired" with you and others reading this site.

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