Retired and overwhelmed

by Mary C.

I have always worked. I retired October, 2016 after 20 years in accounting.

Working has put me behind in everything. There are so many areas of the house that need to be gone through, cleaned, updated, purged etc. I thought I would dive right in once I retired but I'm overwhelmed! I don't know where to start!

So I just do the everyday tasks just like when I worked and nothing more. Therefore, everything is still behind and not improving. I have no motivation, no energy.

I would feel guilty if I join a class or do something for my enjoyment because there is so much to catch up at home.

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Me Too
by: sandy/eastern Canada

Maybe it has something to do with all the linear mathematical thinking for such a big part of our lives.

I am now a fan of a gentle approach. Do not be hard on yourself. Take it slow. Congratulate yourself for any task worked on.

I have found what works best for me is: create donate areas, as you come across any extras, put them in donate area right away. As donate area/bag fills up, deliver or send it out of the house, asap.

Plan your next nice thing, hot bath, tea with lovely view, good book.

Try to keep up on basic cleaning/laundry, and do clean out/clean up one room at a time. Pick the room you would most love to see (visualize it) all done up exactly as suits you.

When one room, even if the little closet at the bottom of hall, all done, you will feel accomplished and motivated to start/finish another area. Do not give yourself a time frame, take as long as suits you.

Put on music you enjoy.

Clean up as you go, don't create new messes.

Celebrate again, relax again.

Retired and overwhelmed
by: Ken San Diego

Hi Mary,

Wow, we have a lot in common. I too retired in Aug 2016, and was Accountant / Finance Manager for Doctors (for 25+ years).

The first 4 months of my retirement was great I traveled, took it easy, stayed up as late as I wanted, got up as early or late as I wanted...but then month 9 came up and reality hit... then hearing about friends/relatives passing on ...OMG then I realize... "What did I accomplish in life?"

I now need to do some good volunteer work or help those in need (more than I did while working, which usually meant sending money $$$)

As far as cleaning the house etc. What motivated ME, was to schedule a trip, then make sure I get the house in tip top shape, so when you get back from the vacation... you only have to come home and relax.

Best wishes to you... there are a LOT and I DO mean 'a LOT" of retirees with the same situation!

what a friend did
by: Anonymous

Somehow a friend I have managed to hire someone recommended by a barber. This person comes to her house everyother week and organizes and cleans.

They go through papers together, separate things to be tosses (the person takes them to the Goodwill). It has taken 2 years, but all is done now.

I have been retired for 1.5 years. I managed to add a bathroom in the attic, but I really have not cleared things out. Well, I did pare down all the work related lesson plans I had. I started gardening, which means I collected lots of gardening clutter. So I am going backwards. Ha!!!

Oh, someone told me put all your hangers facing one way. As you wear something, return it to the hanger and face the hanger the other way. At the end of a year, any hangers that have not been turned, say a sweet goodbye to the stuff. I don't know - I am not sure I will be able to do that.

Retired and Overwhelmed
by: Louisewt

Mary C, You are not alone in lacking motivation. I am not an expert as I am suffering from the same thing.

I lost two jobs in 7 years and then lost my Mom two years later. I was not ready to retire but was not able to find a decent job.

I have let my house go to hell and just started yesterday with just one tiny bathroom. I still need to do more in there but it was one step forward. I agree with the other poster, one room at a time.

The tiny bathroom is in my Master bedroom. Once I finish up in the bathroom I will tackle the bedroom. Then move on to another room.

Cleaning is not my cup of tea. I used to have cleaning people come in weekly to do the basic vacuuming, dusting and mopping the kitchen floor. The last cleaning person quit due to health issues and I never hired anyone after that considering I was retired!

If you can afford it maybe you could consider a cleaning person for a while till you are caught up. Set up some garbage bags and as you open your closet or drawers, just pull out a few things you no longer want or use and toss it in the bag. Take it to Goodwill or call a Veterans organization to pick it up. Filling up a bag or two will make you feel you are making progress!

Maybe put a list on your fridge to list your accomplishments and make a list of what needs done. When something gets finished, cross it off your list! Maybe you could apply your thought process like accounting. 5 filled bags times 2 days equal less clutter!

Years ago when I was YOUNG, I got laid off and I was very strict with myself. I would not allow myself to turn on the TV till lunch time and then I would eat lunch. I tried to get all my chores done before noon time. It was a daily goal and I accomplished it every day.

Haha, now I have fallen apart at the seams!

by: Louisewt

Rather than schedule a chat, why not add comments. I too have been retired for years now and can't motivate to do needed household chores. I have more to do than I can list and it is so overwhelming!

If you could give us a little kick in the butt, maybe we can get our reset buttons pushed!

Wendy: I might do a group challenge at some point but I'm not ready for that yet. However, anyone can schedule a chat with me,

We deal with your personal needs -- everyone is different, right? In half hour, we can attempt to motivate you on WHY you need to step up and do this.

If time permits, we can even make a plan for a few weeks... to get you started. Let's Chat.

by: Liinda

Mary take one room at a time... organize your time with work time but instead of going to a job, now its your house that's the job.

Mary, let's chat!
by: Wendy,

Let's work out a plan... half hour chat and you'll have a beginning to "get er done".

Schedule a chat here and in 30 minutes, you will know what you are going to do each week.

C'mon, get UNstuck!

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