Retired, and Working, in India

by Pad

I would share my opinion on Retirement, as a person retired from government service from a country called India that is a part of Asia In government.

The retirement age is prefixed as 58 years here in India. As far, as I am concerned, government gives a reasonable pension for the 25 years service made.

However, the idle mind is devils workshop.

Therefore, I took up employment as a freelancer, which is essentially a part-time job in my line of experience that involves evaluation of government schemes. The job was taken to keep me engaged in a work in which I am well versed; at the same time keep my mind and bodyfit.

I travel a bit, have discussions with the implementing officials, get feedback from the beneficiaries of the scheme, draw a methodology, prepare the instrument for collection of information and draft the report. I do a bit of browsing to collect details of the scheme; these I feel help me to get rid of diseases related to sedentary living like diabetes, obesity.

A healthy life after retirement is required and if one keeps him engaged in a line of work he is well-acquainted keeps his mind and body fit.

Now I get a reasonable remuneration as well as develop personally in my line of experience. The job helps me to be in touch with the earlier government department I work.

Therefore, I do not feel aloof and away from my acquaintance and peer group.

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