Retired: Arizona Snowbirds

by Tony P
(Scottsdale Arizona)

Currently we live in Scottsdale, Az in the winters, spending our summers in Point Roberts, WA where we are originally from.

We have been doing this since 2008 when the cold winters and storms near our place became too much for us.

As Point Roberts is very isolated, we were nervous spending all winter there as if we needed help and it wasn’t nearby.

We originally rented a place in Prescott, AZ for the first year as we had friend of our living there, however we decided that it wasn’t the place for us. It was very out of the way and hard to get to, as well as I felt it was too small for our liking.

While it was nice to get away to a small place we missed to city and city activities. We have since bought a condo in Scottsdale and enjoy it very much there.

We choose Scottsdale because we wanted a more big city feel.

We enjoy the arts and culture and Scottsdale has a variety of museums and cultural festivals that we can enjoy.

It is also a nice place for our family to visit us in the winter as there are plenty of activities for the grandchildren to enjoy.

We decided on Az as our winter place because we have many friends who have a place there and recommended it highly.

We felt Florida was too overrated and didn’t want to live in a retirement community, but simply have a place to stay in the winter.

Arizona has a wonderful climate and a great church community and we felt very welcomed there.

I recommend Scottsdale to anyone looking for a winter place!

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