Retired four months now... Subtitled: Love My Calendar!

by Wendy

Yikes! Four months has passed, and I haven't blogged about it like I intended to.

I did, however, start using a calendar so I can scribble my daily thoughts and what I did each day.


Because, I started to "lose" time. A week or two would go by and I wasn't sure what I had done.. had I accomplished anything at all?

Yes, Yes, I am retired. Retirement means I don't have to accomplish something daily. I know. I don't have to.. but for my own sense of well-being, yes, I do. I need to be busy, I need to know I helped someone. It's just part of being me!

I don't do lunch, I don't go out much at all, except with my parents to doctor appointments and shopping... but that doesn't mean I don't live a full life.

My life is HERE.. you are reading it, my website is where I share my head and my life.

Get a blog.. it's fun to write!

p.s. Just ASK and I'll start one for you too!

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Ye waqt zara thumm ke tthaher jaaye tow achha ho ...
by: Durgesh Kumar Srivastava

Dear Wendy,

Congratulations for your excellent article - Love My Calendar. But first I must explain the meaning of my comment title. It is in Hindi-Urdu - languages spoken extensively in India-Pakistan. It means - How nice it would be if the time, in its relentless march, would arrest its steps and stop for a while!

Time is our greatest asset and our biggest constraint. If I live for 100 years I have, at my disposal, 36,525 days. If I have big plans for myself and my achievements, I must get busy right away, not wasting a single day, a single hour.

In four months since you retired, you have accomplished a lot - the most important being that you have fully realised the value of utilizing your time meaningfully.

How many of us can hope to match you in this !

This reminds me of the story of my childhood friend - Girja Babu. We retired almost at the same time. We lived in different cities - I at New Delhi, the national capital, he at Lucknow a provincial capital. As per our lifetime practice we corresponded with each other regularly.

A couple of months after retirement he wrote many times in his letters that he did not know how to pass the time. I did not pay much attention thinking that it was only the rambling of a newly retired man's mind. But he kept repeating his complaint in every letter that he sent. I did not know what to write back in reply.

We have in our neighbouring park an evening get together of fellow retirees, about fifteen in number and from different backgrounds and jobs. We have a round of gossiping after we have had a walk around the park. I put my friend's problem for discussion and solution. One among us Mr Singhal, is a wise man of the world and his views are always circumspect and balanced.

Mr. Singhal asked me to write to Girja Babu and request him to prepare an hour-by-hour record of his daily activities for two or three weeks.I wrote to him and awaited his reply. Two weeks passed then three but Girja Babu did not write baack to me, not even his usual fortnightly post card.

I wrote to Girja Babu reminding him that I was waiting for the hour-by-hour record of his daily activities.

After a month or so, Girja Babu wrote sheepishly that he had duly maintained the record and that he did not have any time to spare. He found himself occupied and busy in the daily affairs of life. He wished that time would stop for a while and give him some respite.

-Durgesh, New Delhi.India, 30th August,2010

Not liking it!!
by: HB/Mequon

Omg - I totally relate to your 4th month post - I retired March 2019, it will b a year for me this month.

I first was pretty busy, because I moved and had a lot to deal with, packing and unpacking. Then I have a yard with a lot of gardens so I worked on that, I still saw friends from work that retired also and people called me that still worked at my old workplace. That has all dropped off.

I pretty much just do stuff around my house and run and do stuff with my mom who is 90 and my aunt at 83 yrs old - take them to appts. and go out to lunch!! Which I am happy to do for them but then I’m like now what??

I feel like I can’t just sit and enjoy myself. I miss the hustle bustle of going to work and doing a job that involved people. I feel like I don’t have a identity!! And time is just flying by, never seemed to "fly by" when I worked!!

Still trying to figure it out.

I want to get a part time job but just not anything!! I considered helping or volunteering but what yet I don’t know!!

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