Retired, lazy, bored, snooze king

by Robert
(Charleston, SC)

My work kept me travelling the world, been to almost every country. Loved my work.

I thought retirement would allow me to do whatever I wanted to do.

It's like I fell off the treadmill into a tar pit. I am lazy, bored and sleep all the time.

If that is all there is my friend...
then let's keep dancing...
and break out the booze and have a ball.

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My biggest fear
by: Ed/Dallas

That exactly is my biggest fear and why I’ve been unable to pull the trigger on my retirement.

I find myself doom scrolling retirement sites and blogs looking for encouragement that things will work out.

For those of you that have retired and aren’t bored and snoozing, how did you make your decision?

How did you know it was the right time?

Wendy: I asked the same thing -- How did you know? You'll KNOW When You Are Ready!

Transitional Rest.
by: Mavis

Hello lazy one,

This is just a transition stage as you rest up to be ready to regroup and start the next stage of your journey!

Enjoy and wait for inspiration!

by: Pam from Indiana

I lost my job as a hairstylist in LTC due to covid. I was forced to retire 6 months from my full retirement age. What a kick in the pants.

I was planning to work at least another 4 years. My job gave me great joy and I felt like I made a difference in the residents lives.

Now I stay up til all hours watching tv and sleep until I feel like getting up. Boredom is around every corner. I miss my job and social interactions.

Thanks to covid I can't find work, can't go to the YMCA etc.

The only thing that keeps me going is my faith in God.

some thoughts
by: Anonymous

I had had some success in my career too and enjoyed it on several levels.

Retirement, in some ways, is also not what I expected. Part of it is retirement and then there are the restrictions that have taken away much of what we like to do.

There is another side to retirement and the pandemic, an unexpected benefit. I have come to appreciate my family and my friends more.

I have become more grateful for my health, my community, my freedom to worship and for life itself.

by: Sherry/NC

It might be all there is right now because of Covid-19, but so what you do what you have to do. Relax and enjoy life; cook something good to eat and share, read, watch TV, and take a nap.
Someday you will be busy again.

You can do volunteer work and give back to your community. Someday someone can see your beautiful smile and that will will make their day.

Everything works out in the end?!

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