Retiree seeks best blog niche

by Victoria F

Victoria Farrell recently wrote to me in 2015 about finding her best blog niche. This page is our email discussion. I hope you learn something from it!

First, will you build a blog for fun or income? Are you realistic on the time it will take to be profitable? What do you hope to earn each month?

I need to make an income since social security alone is not enough to live on. I am not really sure about the time it will take but since time is one thing I have in abundance. I can afford what ever it takes. My first monetary goal is $500 a month. After that who knows.

Tell me a little bit about you right at this moment in time. Do you have hobbies? special interests? what do you do daily?

I am a 66-year-old woman that just bought a house because I couldn’t find a rental that would allow both of my cats. I am not married. or want to be. I am looking for a way to earn money as Social Security is a joke, compared to the price of living a semi-comfortable life. I do have hobbies. I love arts and crafts, particularly crochet. Though right now I am busy getting my new house in order – another reason I need more income.

What were your interests or hobbies as a child? teen?

I loved to dance when I was a teen. My grandmother took me to ballet lessons as a child – She was a dancer when she was young. I didn’t make it. I have always been heavy and that does not make for a ballet dancer. Other than that my interests were about the same as now. I learned to crochet at about 12 and was doing artwork since I started school I guess.

What topics do you have any knowledge in? Work Related? Life Related? Brainstorm any possible blog topics here.

I have some training in accounting, graphic design, filling, typing, religion, and more. I have been thinking about some sort of religious theme for my blog. I just wasn’t sure if I would feel comfortable using it to make money.

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by: Wendy,

First, I published my first two Kindle books on Amazon in 2015… and make a small but passive income. I am hoping to do a whole series, little by little. This is another avenue, rather than a blog, as short books are BIG. You write a book and go on to the next.

Religious sites are a catch 22 with making income, if that is the purpose. I have a few friends and they are very careful there. BUT — there are tons of Christian books on Kindle. You’d use the course to find perfect categories where you can outrank the books already out there… and then write books.

Now that your folks are gone, you might be ready to LIVE again… but you could also consider writing a blog and/or kindle books on Caregiving for Seniors. There are so many boomers heading towards old age… and also so many boomers caring for their elderly parents.

So much of the stuff you did, you learned and just did. The hard part is re-discovering what you learned and others don’t know…. because after you know it, you take that knowledge for granted. Right?

Graphic design… you could do a blog and offer your services to others? Write pages on how to do design, explain different software options and show tutorials on how they work, finally write classes to help people learn how to do great design… and sell classes online.

Just some thoughts…. the kicker is, you’ll never know until you try whether it works or not. Some people have just the right "voice" online and others flock to their blog… some are downright boring writers, or simply d on’t connect for any odd reason, and just never quite get there.I will say it IS FUN trying!

Sooo much you can do out there! And the networking with others is just amazing!

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