Retirees: Ipod May Help Your Depression

by Wendy

I love this video! It shows an old man in a nursing home -- a sad sight for all of us. He is quite obviously living in his own world.

Then they gave him an Ipod with his type of music on it -- and look at how happy he looks!

The music makes his brain function again -- making him alert and he is even talking again.

Instead of just watching the video and passing it by, I am passing it along to readers because I think it might help someone else feeling down and out somewhere.

The Ipod on Amazon is both expensive and complex now... The models shown above are like my old Ipod, so simple... and ONLY $20! CLICK IMAGE t0 see more on Amazon... isn't that worth some internal happiness to get your retirement into a better mode? I think so.

Imagine sitting outdoors, face in the sunshine, Ipod in your pocket and earphones in -- listening to your own favorite music! Its great!

It's really simply to hook the ipod to your computer, and download your favorite music (or audio books and old radio shows as shown here).

You KNOW how your foot starts moving when you hear a favorite jazzy song... imagine feeling like you can't seem to drag yourself off that couch -- and putting your headphones on. I really think it could change how you feel -- and get you UP off that couch!

Couch Potato No More!

P.S.MANY Ipods here!. I picked the cheapest and simplest to use. There are many more upgraded models to choose from!

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Alive Inside
by: Paula

The clip comes from a documentary title "Alive Inside". It explores music's effects on the elderly. The film was produced by Michael Rossato-Bennett, and featuring commentary by social worker Dan Cohen and neurologist Oliver Sacks, author of "Musicophilia," captures the transformation that takes place when nursing home patients are handed iPods loaded with music from their youth. (Quote from Huffington Post).

I watched it a few months ago on Netflix and it was wonderful to see these elderly men and women come alive again after listening to music.

Music + Meditation are a good combination for old people
by: Retd. Prof. Mr. Durgesh Kumar Srivastava, New Delhi, India.

Dear Wendy,

thank you for posting this beautiful video on the website. It shows the amazing healing power of music. Add to it meditation. many meditation chants are now available on music CDs.

Big companies can donate iPods for needy old people.

Wendy Durgesh, I do have meditations on my ipod... I sit outside, in the sunshine, and just listen.. its sooo good!! Thanks for the reminder!

Beautiful Henry
by: /Barbara

I have returned three times to see and listen to this fine gentleman. To see and hear him and the joy on his face come to life before my eyes was overwhelming. The lovely lady who "connected" him to his new joy... it was such a blessing. How many others have tried to add to the twilight years of those lost within themselves. Bless all who care.

Wendy: I thought it was pretty amazing too! Just watching his face light up, life returns from simple MUSIC! Just beautiful!!

Where do I get a cheap Ipod??
by: Brenda

Hello, I was so happy to hear about Henry, and hope he is happy now. Where could I get a I pod, because i know they are pricey and could not afford one. Yes I do get lonely and would love one. Please help me to find this. Yours thankfully Brenda.xx

Wendy Click on the Amazon link and see if they have any used ones.. usually there is a tiny link under the NEW, for USED (I buy used books all the time). There is one (scroll down the page) using the Amazon link for $27.98 right now... used but says excellent condition. I've had mine for YEARS (full of ebooks, Christian music, and meditations...) love it!

Amazon Ipods

Otherwise, look at any store with electronics: WalMart, KMart, Best Buy, most office supply stores!

Best Wishes!

by: Arthur C. Ford,Sr.,poet/editor

wewuvpoetry at

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