Retirees: Write YOUR New Story

by Wendy

Tell YOURSELF Your Best Story!

Tell YOURSELF Your Best Story!

As I approved 15ish new members into the private community today, I briefly read about each person. I always do, so that hopefully I can maintain the integrity of this community... and don't let any scammers in.

Several "stories" caught my attention llike many others probably should have over the years. I am in a NEW place myself, mentally... perhaps thats why I saw this.

A few new members wrote about life, briefly, but telling all... all the bad things that have happened to you. I get it... and so thrilled you are open enough to share with the community. I pray others will have kind words for you.

TODAY IS THE DAY you can begin to start to REWRITE YOUR STORY.

Story #1, Sherrie:

My husband had a heart attack at 54 , he was without oxygen for too long and has memory problems ,his Dr said it may or may not come back ,so we are looking into disability and/or retirement ,we are having a hard time making this decision do we get both or one or the other??? We are so bummed he thought he was going to retire in a couple years ,he has 27 years with his company !

Wendy's Two Cents:

Sherrie, Please change your internal story asap. Don't let your husband go into retirement feeling as though he "can't" anymore... if he chooses to retire, he needs a positive mindset! You do too. It's definitely not easy... So darn important, especially if you remain working.

If *I* were to rewrite your story, the story you live through and tell yourself every day... I might try:

"My husband had a heart attack and now has memory problems... BUT he survived it (many others don't)! Woo Hoo! He is getting healthier day by day, his memory returns more and more daily too. The BEST part is: He will be with me for years to come, so that we can make many more memories together.

He may retire, a couple years earlier than we planned, but ALL GOOD... life always throws curve balls at you and we simply catch them and run with them. We are both excited at the possibility of retirement, and all that it offers us. LIFE IS GOOD."

Story #2, Jane:

I retired as a special education teacher less than one year ago. In addition my ex left me 6 months prior to retirement forcing me to sell our retirement home. I am now trying to figure out what to do with myself. I would say I am somewhat depressed and very disappointed!

Wendy's Two Cents:

Jane, as a former Special Ed Teacher, why don't you start a blog... helping parents of special ed kids? There are so many ways you could go with this, you have the knowledge (and also lots of hobbies you might blog about), why not share it with the world, for the greater good?

If you find you really enjoy blogging, you might decide to do this as an online business... earn an income while doing good out there. It will make YOU feel loads better, you can change the world online, seriously... those within your reach will be changed.

Maybe your story, repeated over and over to yourself, like a mantra, is this:

"TODAY, I am changing my life. I will not live out my retirement in depression. What happened, happened but I look towards my future, not my past...

I am starting to change those who I can influence with my positive role model behaviors. i will reach out online to help those less fortunate than me. I understand the stress and anxiety parents of special ed kids live under and I can help them, from afar, to greatly impact their world, and thus doing work for the greater good."

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Mind Set
by: Ricardo

Wendy, I read with interest your responses to two of the posts that were rather negatively oriented.

I have touched on this general topic in the past, namely, individuals abilities AND desire to adjust or change their "mind set."

This is not an easy requires much inner fortitude and I do not believe it can be accomplished from without. One has to WANT to change their mind set. Often times when one gets in a "funk", it is sometimes very difficult for an outsider to make any difference, but I certainly appreciate your positive comments to the two individuals.

Once again, positivity is an aspect of character that I believe that we are born cannot be taught.

It is not what happens in our lives, but rather, how we RESPOND to what happens in our lives!

Write a New Story
by: Elizabeth/Spokane

Wendy, I love your positive outlook. I loved how you turned negatives into positives in those two stories. Thank you for this site.

Story No 1 Husband after heart attack
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Your husband is still relatively young in today's world, and I'd like to ask if he is functional mentally and physically. Did he have to have heart surgery?

Does he still know family members and friends? I don't know what kind of work he has done, but can it eventually be done from an office at home?

The body is truly remarkable when it comes to renewing itself. The cells are constantly changing. Many people who have heart attacks feel somehow alone in the world and that life it leaving them behind. This can happen to very young men in their thirties and forties. Your husband's memory is quite likely to improve substantially .

I have many friends plus my own son-in-law who had serious heart attacks. They are all living quite normally now and have changed their life styles and habits and seem the better for having done so. It takes quite a while to recover from the trauma of heart attacks. It may be better to let him heal and not even think about " what's next?"

In any case it is probably imperative that he make his decisions when he is ready. We wives want things fixed or decided right away . in this case rushing any decision at all could actually be dangerous.

Next year at this time, you will look back on this and be amazed at how far he has come.Serenity and a peaceful environment can help give answers. Blessings and love to you both.

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