Retirement after Military

by Mike/Miami

Good discussion here. I am retiring 1 May, terminal leave starts next weekend, and have been wondering whether to return to my civilian job. 23 years total service, over 20 active duty.

My thinking is to take some time off. Losing federal employment (giving it away actually) is scary, but the military lifestyle cost me my first family and I don't want to chase jobs anymore.

I want to move to our land and raise my children from this second marriage on the farm. I want to work in dirt and to grow things. I want to raise chickens and sheep, and to have the kids participate.

I don't want work stealing my life as the military is known to do. Did that for too many years. Can't do it any longer.

It is my opinion that time off--a little bit of it at least--is a wise idea after leaving the military, folks.

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Military retirement
by: Anonymous

Make sure you have you copy of your DD214.

Request a copy of ALL your medical records, x rays, shots,
Request agent orange exposure, over 23 military bases handled it.

If you have any medical issues, see if they originated in the service, if so apply for disability, if turned down re-apply.

Retirement from the Military
by: Anonymous

I agree....thank you for your service !

I have not been in the service, however, I was helping others during my career.

Adjusting to retirement is a process that you don't expect...take it one day at a time and embrace the time you have with your family.

That being said, and speaking from my own personal experience, I would recommend taking some time discharge and recharge.(thought of it as recharging a battery).

After a few months I went back to work and worked part time....I am glad I did.

After a few years, I stopped working and now I am glad I did. I can't imagine not being around family members anymore.

This is something only you can decide, I wish you the best in your new journey in life !

Retired from military
by: Joy /Tx

I think when all is said and done at the end of the day only you and your family can decide if you retire now or just take a small break and return to work.

Financial responsibility's, savings, medical issues, emergency fund makes a difference on what you may decide to do.

My husband was in the military 27 years. After retiring he made it three months and decided sitting at home alone wasn't what made him happy. I still had 5 years to retirement.

So he returned to the work force (Post Office) and stayed 13 years. We were debt free when he retired from the military so the extra income he brought in built up our savings and while we aren't rich we are comfortable.

Bottom line is do what is in the best interest of your family.

Best of luck

Retirement after military
by: mildred/tn

Make sure the rest of the family is in agreement, You Tube has lots of homesteaders to learn from, Good luck

Retiring from the Military
by: Elna Nugent , Lenox, MA

Dear Military Retiree: I hope other military retirees will read what you wrote.

It make so makes so much sense to take your time,
thinking it out. So much can come along that would
never have occur to you now.

By the way, as a young boy, what did you secretly
dream of wanting to do when you grew up .


military - check with wife first
by: Anonymous

you go dude, that is if your wife wants to. As you know.....happy wife..... But seriously if both of you want, then do.

Take some time
by: Anonymous

I've never served in the military, but I thank you for your service to our Country and the people in it!

If it were me, I would definitely take some time off, move to your land with your family and see how it goes. You may find that you really don't want to get into the working world!

Best to you.

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