Retirement Anxiety

The following stories on Retirement Anxiety were written by real retirees who visited this site.

They are sharing their story and asking for comments from visitors to help them along their retirement journey.

Retirement sounds so wonderful before you retire -- after retirement, reality hits. I'm not saying its not great, but it does take some consideration on many issues.

Hoping this page helps you in some small way!

Comments for Retirement Anxiety

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It's a lonely life after work
by: Angela G

Well it is for me anyway. I retired from a very exciting job a year ago (age 65) and just couldn't find anything rewarding to do. I missed all the excitement...(had worked for 51 years) the worst thing was the jolt of suddenly facing a life alone ...ageing....death name it ..I now worry about it. Working is a great way of escaping from rumination about the end of life.

Feel the dog chasing the car - what do you do when you catch it?
by: Mark

Mark -- I moved your submission here: Feel the dog... so that retirees can comment on your issue. Hope you get some feedback. Wendy

Ready but scared
by: Katrina

I am 56 years old. I've been in the company for 22 years. The company I work for is getting scary now. They don't lay off but they firing employees back to back.

I don't want to lose my pension. But am I ready or not. A lot of people are saying retiring is not easy. A lot of people get into depression. I Don't want this to happen. But if I stay I will be very stress and I probably depress.

What should I do?


You and ONLY you know what feels right. I was under a great deal of stress my last five years, but for some odd reason, despite 30 years - I wasn't ready. Finally, I was, gave my 2 weeks notice (after 36 years) and walked away... it felt "right".

Retirees always told me "You'll know when its right" and I never understood, until IT WAS RIGHT, grin!

If you are fired/laid off, why do you think you lose your pension? Usually, if you worked long enough, you'd still get it (down the road at a specific age, if you are too young).

Best Wishes~

by: Anonymous

I was 69 in December, and I dont think a day has gone by since turning 66 that I haven't thought of retirement. I just keep having the same arguments with... myself and never winning.

I do like my job, get paid well but on the other hand, don't we all strive towards retirement and the golden years.

Talking with my peers, some enjoy retirement and others say its the biggest mistake they made, so no help there in that department.

I did note however in the comments here, no one talks of the financial aspects of retirement and suddenly becoming dependent on savings & and fixed income.

Well, thanks for "listening" to my thoughts.

Trusting in my decision.
by: robb

Moved here: Trusting My Retirement Decision - so that others can comment back to you!

Husband Retired - Not Me Yet!
by: CarolT

My husband has been retired for nearly 2 years now and is loving it. My problem is that I always get angry when I come home from work and he is sitting watching TV. I try not to give him a "Honey Do" list of things to do while I am working, but he enjoys the nothingness of it all.
I get mad at myself for having barbed strikes out at him, what will I do when it is my time and we are both there doing nothing?

We do love to go for drives on weekends - but can't do that every day!!!

I'm a little nervous about this.

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