Retirement: Ask for help

(Canberra Australia)

I am a 61 year old male with a well-paid executive job in the federal government. House is paid for, kids are educated and I was offered a generous redundancy package to go.

I had ample funds put away to retire comfortably. What could be simpler then the decision to accept the redundancy offer and have a life of playing golf , watching rugby and weekends away at the coast ,,,,,wrong, wrong ,wrong.

I went into a complete panic and could not imagine life not working after 43 years on the job. I had visions of me sitting and staring at the wall with nothing to do.

I had a near breakdown with the anxiety that the retirement decision was causing. I could not sleep and my wife was at her wits end trying to work out what was wrong with me, I was a complete mess and needed help.

Thanks to my very supportive daughter I went to my GP and had some time off work and he referred me to a phycologist. My visits to the phycologist was the best thing I did, he explained to me that I wasn’t going mad and that change takes time to adjust to, He said the “unknown” is a very scary place and the anxiety I was going through was a normal reaction.

I am now in a much better head space and have accepted the redundancy and will retire in a few weeks , I have a plan and my “ retirement week “ is starting to fill up with various activities.

My advice to anyone going through retirement anxiety is to ask for help from professionals. Don’t listen to what your friends or work mates tell you as its always from their prospective and they have no idea what retirement is like.

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Very well said
by: Donna Augusta Mo

Thanks for this. It is absolutely on the money. All of us are unique and although we can share our retirement anxiety or plan each of us is different and will respond to our next chapter in our own way.

For me just thinking back on each chapter of my life and how my life continues on helps me. Remembering graduations, relationships and how we handled each event gives me some excitement and anticipation. Believe in yourself.

Retirement Anxiety
by: Anonymous

I am experiencing retirement anxiety in a U.S. Govt job. Unfortunately no offers of cash out are being made, just the foot in my a.. everyday with the clear message that they want me out to replace me with 21 y.o for half the salary and somebody who is "moldable" to use their phrase.

Retirement seems so final though, and even though I've saved throughout my 30 year career, it's still nice to have the paycheck and I feel I am providing a valuable service as a health professional.

Oh well just another of life's challenges, guess I'll know when the time is right.

Wendy: (1) You will know when its right, at least, I certainly did (and it was unexpected but totally the right time to bail out). (2) MANY are pushed out, they smile through the retirement party, but behind closed doors, they admit someone pushed them into retirement. Happens to many, that's all I'm saying.

If its right for you, JUMP. If it's not, simply be sure that he pressure and stress is worth staying... don't make yourself ill simply trying to be right. There is more beyond retirement.. just gotta open your eyes and find it all!

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