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Treat Yourself 
I am the one who wrote you a while back about using scratchers for your relative's birthday party. Got another idea. I just purchased TrackR devices. …

Retirement Gift: Rocking Chair 
We give retirees a nice, wooden rocking chair like you can buy at Cracker Barrel. There is a coin in the back and we all sign the back with a silver pen. …

Retirement Gift for Book Lovers 
A kindle would be a great retirement gift idea. The kindle is an e-reader that allowed the users to store thousands of books electronically. It is …

Retirement Gift -- Travel 
I feel a great, cool retirement gift would be giving the retired person a cool holiday with his / her partner at any sea, beach country side with cruise. …

Retirement Gifts - Engraved Items 
How about an engraved pen and pencil set? The one I saw had a stand with, "Retirement" and then the date engraved in it and then the pen and pencil stood …

Retirement Gift: Motivation Towards Garden 
Retirement is where the person can be more active and creative. Psychologically he is supposed to be active just to make sure that he is not retiring from …

Retirement Gift - Something for your Hobby! 
When I retired from my job in a law office some seventeen years ago, my bosses gave me a router, router bits and a router table. Since I was into …

Retirement Gift: Parrots 
My friend Robert was retired from Government service 4 weeks ago. He got a wonderful gift in one of his send off function. That was a pair of Parrots. …

Retirement Scrapbook 
Buy a scrapbook at JoAnnes, Borders Book Store, etc. They are really popular now, with so many papers and other stickers to fill them. Then fill it …

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