Treat Yourself

by Kathe K

I am the one who wrote you a while back about using scratchers for your relative's birthday party. Got another idea. I just purchased TrackR devices. Can locate car, anything via iPhone/Android. Bought 4 and got 6 more Free!

In late August, my kitty disappeared. Broke my heart. My only buddy. Unbearable not knowing what happened to her. Being single, no relatives. Devastating. I have resolved 'something' happened. Did all possible. Had her chipped/was wearing tags. Put out reports. Offered reward.

Wish i had known about these devices. Oh, yes, they advertise for pet usage also. Able to have photo of pet on device for a small charge. Cute. I guess could even 'keep track' of a person...who wanders....or yourself.

My plan: need to carry a seat cushion around due to most restaurants/establishments have hard surfaces these days. Afraid of cushion being stolen/misplaced. Will use TrackR.

Oh, too, the cushion is a Wondergel Roll 'n Go. Bed, Bath and Beyond.
There are 3 sizes. This is the smallest/lightest.

Just sharing...
Be well.

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