How do I walk out that door?

by Carol

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Hi Wendy, I am now looking for advice on how to handle that last day of office work. I do not expect a party. I know whatever I do will not be necessary for someone will take over the position asap. Actually my boss has taken off 99% of my responsibility already. I don't want to burn bridges, just leave. any advice.

I am feeling very anxious over this. As my sister says, I am always worried about what other people think of me. It's hard getting over that.

She has suggested give no reason for retiring, just say bye, and no dancing on table tops or skipping as I leave the library. :)Carol

Wendy: Funny that you ask, As *I* asked the same exact thing for a good five years before I retired... as every new retiree came in, I'd say "hey, I'm curious, HOW did you walk out the door the last day?" Most just kinda looked at me oddly.. like" What? I walked.." Grin!

I stressed over it for years and (oddly enough) I was the Retirement Manager too! I was with the County for 35+ years, gave two weeks notice and off I went. Oddly enough, you WILL know when its right... if the boss taking 99% of your job away makes it time to go, then Retire. If not, you don't have to leave, its such a personal decision.

If you are ready to retire, do you have a pension? If so, you normally have to apply for it... usually a few weeks ahead. (that was my job). BUT I've also had folks who walked out the door, no notice, and that's how they wanted it...

If you do walk away, and if you don't want any fanfare.... one idea is to write a resignation letter, say you are sick at noon on Friday (or whenever) and leave the letter in an envelope on your bosses desk -- after they go to lunch, drop it there and leave. No Good Byes. Later, you can do lunch with co-workers if you want.

LOTS of employees didn't want any fuss... but most did tell staff/coworkers they were leaving on the last day. You could go into the boss on your last day, and hand him the resignation letter, and simply say that retirement is a difficult decision, so you feel best if you left the same day, today.

Then walk out to a co-worker, a friend, and whisper -- "Guess what? Today is my last day.. I am retiring!" :) big smile :) (even if you don't feel it) The grapevine will start.. coworkers will walk up Congratulating you.. and you walk out the door.

Hope I helped in some small way! In the end, walking out the door is relatively easy... then you need to keep busy to keep happy!

FUN FUN Ahead!!

P.S. Please comment below and tell us how YOU walked away from your job that last day!

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How do I walk out that door?

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Leaving the office
by: Anonymous

Having followed a husband all over the state. I had to leave many jobs. Anyway to get out of the last day is best. If your boss knows you are leaving, just don't come in on the last day. They can't fire you.

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