Retirement - I guess I wasn't ready...

by Leopeter

I guess in my retirement I was not ready to go.

At the time of retirement I was experiencing stress and anxiety. The first time I went through something as horrible and unforgiving.

I had all these plans in retirement at 55, however I was in for a surprise.

It seems that all my dreams have come to a halt, I am now afraid to spend because I may run out of money, afraid to buy small things as sunglasses, dirt for the lawn, I'm just afraid to spend.

My dream of travelling as a family, all gone.

I know that my thoughts are wrong but somehow I got into a negative thinking pattern.

Thank god my wife works at a good paying job.

Perhaps this is retirement gitters and will be only temporary, I sure hope so, because the way I feel lately is just awful.

I need words of encouragement to benefit and to see me through this ordeal. thanks

Wendy: I am bumping this since you have reposted to get retirees to comment on same. I do wonder if you've played with your finances yourself. Sometimes a simple spreadsheet or two might do the trick to convince you that you are ok. If you read all the "Boomers will never retire" articles out there, You'll surely stay depressed. If an article says you need millions to retire, it all depends on your lifestyle. Please write to me privately (contact me on bottom left) and maybe I can put it logically into perspective for you.

Second, I wonder if this might help you. I don't offer this as a total makeover of your retirement issues but I do think it might help with how to reduce financial stress.

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I also did not plan to retire God had other plans
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

I feel for you as I delayed retirement until I was 68 and had planned on working until I was 80 as I am healthy, active and an RN who had many years experience and education to benefit my profession.

However God had other plans and I got clearly one day that HE did not want me to work any longer but to serve HIM and my first task the first 3 years was build a bond with my then 3 year old granddaughter that stopping work would give me the location and time to keep her two days a week that has resulted in such a blessing in both of our lives that she is now 7 and in school full time.

I did not know how I was going to do it going from earning $75,000 a year to living solely on SS at less than $25,000 a year. But when God is in it and YOU fully trust in HIM HE will sustain you and does not want you to live in fear. I gave up my previous home and paid cash for a single wide mobile home in a lovely senior park just 2 miles from my son and his family. I have all my things paid for and while I live on a pretty strict budget God has provided and given me a joy I never knew possible.

Each day I get up excited to see what God has in store for the day.

I pray you will stop worrying and do more trusting and asking HIM what it is HE wants you to do with the rest of your life. When we worry we basically are saying God I don't believe you. And YOU can if you will just start praying more and worrying less I think you will see HE has wonderful plans for the rest of the journey.

I am so glad I listened and retired and trusted and took each step as the doors opened and today I live n a peace and joy never before like this. I do pray you will be encouraged by my experience and trust HIM that where HE leads us HE will sustain us if we trust and take one day at a time. Perhaps this devotional will help you do this

Respone to not ready for retirement
by: Donna

I don't want to sound like a Pollyanna and I don't Want to sound like this is easy, but you are a thoughtful and intelligent man so I don't think I have to warn you about blowing your retirement funds in Vegas!

However, if you spend your days worrying about "what if", you'll be missing out on what has the potential to become the best years of your life.

Do you have enough to live on comfortably TODAY?

Then relax and enjoy today knowing that you'll handle whatever comes your way tomorrow because, honestly, you'll have no choice! Wouldn't you rather looj back 10 years from now and see days upon happy days rather than 10 years fretting and worrying about many things that never came to pass?

Good luck to you. I'm older than you and can promise you that there is SO much more to life than your finances as long as you have the most basic needs met along with a few wants!

I guess I wasn't ready (part 2)
by: Nancy

This is a continuance.

I regretted leaving my job b/c when I found out about the pension not starting, I regretted not rescinding my letter of resignation. My adjust to retirement has been halted by this regret.

I still have days when I wallow in regret, but they are getting less and less, and I am getting better. I am so grateful for this website so I can tell my story. Hope I am not sounding like a broken record, but I need to tell it over and over.

I hope it helps you to know it does get better. I was so worried about finances, but that is also getting better. I have days when I rue the lack of salary, then I think about all the stress I had with my job and so many aggravations from my clients and bosses.

Take care and hang in there. Your story helped me by showing me I'm not the only one.

Still nervous about retirement
by: Nancy

I identify with your jitters about retirement. Your title struck me. "guess I wasn't ready..."

I had always planned to retire at 62 when I was eligible for SS. I stuck it out till almost 63 b/c that was when my one pension was supposed to kick in.

When I found out the State made a mistake and I was ineligible for a pension at that time, I went ahead and retired b/c I kept getting messages from God that this was the time. I hesitate to say this b/c when I wasn't very spiritual comments like that used to irk me. But that was really the reason.

My Husband was retired for 10 years b/f me so that helped make my decision.... continued (see part 2)

Take one day at a time
by: Ed Williams

Hi I guess I wasn't ready.... Really you can't worry everyday your going to run out of money, you must take one day at a time.

One could worry about so many things, and what would that accomplish? Except to make you anxious and depressed.

You know how to budget, and live for today. It's easier said than done, but you must work on not worrying about every little thing.

Remember, take one day at a time. I wish I could visit with you, and put your mind at ease, and may God give you some peace in your retirement years.

Look forward to them, you can still have fun, and be a part of the world.

by: Jack

I retired at 62, wasn't looking to travel just to keep same life style, after three month's I gave up took a job delivering auto parts for mininum wage. Job is easy not stressful and we have a nice income with my retirement, what I make in two weeks, and my wife job...

Still nervous about retirement (shattered dreams)
by: leopeter

Hi guys !

Just to let everyone know that I am still anxious and nervous about retirement.

For now I am still on a regular salary, this will last till July, which then I will receive my pension at a reduced rate.

I am scared/terrified/frightened; as I put my family and lifestyle at risk.

The dreams that I had are now basically gone, my new spending motto: "don't spend today and save for tomorrow: I have become very cheap.

I am fortunate that my wife works but I am the type of person who likes to earn his own income to contribute to the family income.

Please if you have a comment for me or anything you would like to say to me, feel free to contact me and let me know!

I need advice, direction, and a good friend to talk with.

thanks guys

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