Retirement: I want to work... licensed practical nurse

by Linda
(Battle Creek, Mi.)

I am 72 - NEED to work - been divorced 25 years - and last worked as an LPN.

However - someone maliciously reported me to the State Board of Nursing for something that never happened and now no one will hire me even as a home health aide. I will get hired and then fired as a home health aide (once they look up my license.) I have never been involved with the law - and have never hurt another soul.

I would LOVE to do work from home but don't think I'm good enough on the computer and most are scams.

There is SO MUCH age-discrimination in this area. Most people don't think I'm over 60. I have a good long work history. Any advice?

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LPN Work
by: Joe W.


Hi! Who is the State Board of Nursing? If you are innocent how come your not appealing the ruling against you.

It's obvious here that you will need your present LPN License to be in good standing before you can get similar work again.

There have been cases where some nurses were doing acts unbecoming of a professional nurse. Now I see that licensing and security clearance are the top concerns required to protect the public from nurses or nurse's aids that might have a 'bad character' problem.

The few nurses that I know who are 65 Plus are still working at least part-time only because of the high demand for nurses in the present health care field.

So, I would first try to re-claim your license in good standing or if this is not possible, I would look at 'other' areas of activity where you still have the passion to help people.

Good Luck!

Joe W.

by: Carol M

So sorry you are in this predicament. Ugh... I would just offer that you may want to rethink making a serious attempt to clearing your name. That's an undeserved travesty that could negatively flavor your life overall.

Age discrimination is so real .. just a reminder, its my understanding that we do not have to reveal that number!

Congrats on your good attitude about working.
This will always keep you looking more than 10 years younger for sure!


suck it up !
by: Sharyn~~~Waterloo

l was in the same situation 1 x however l was able to fight the system here in this country and kept my licence. l know how devastating your situation can be. You must focus on you and what a good person u are, all the good u have done while working at your career!

Forget about all the wrong that has been done to u there is nothing u can do about that!

Focus on the good person you are and move on** get rid of that anger, that will only make u more frustrated, get out & do some volunteer work, that will help u, maybe make some connections & help u secure another position in your nursing career.

When other people come to know the real you, there may be many nice surprises in store for u!!

Try and smile, be happy when out in public, l know that may be difficult at first however it will pay off in the long run.

I really wish u good luck and remember to focus on the good things in your life**

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