Retirement in Florida

The Sunshine State!

Retirement in Florida embodies the nickname of the "Sunshine State" beautifully. What more can you ask for in retirement?

Many folks start out being Florida Snowbirds -- traveling to Florida for the winter months, and returning in the spring. Florida is a wonderful state to "get away from it all". Senior Living in Florida = Sunshine, here I come!

Later, some folks move to Florida Retirement Living, permanently. Click on the link above and read stories from Retirees who have moved to Florida!

They've lived the Florida life, they've loved the Florida life, and simply decide that it's the life for them! Go ahead and purchase that Florida residence... maybe in one of Florida's active adult communities.

There are many reasons to choose Florida as the best retirement state.

The first is the sport of golf. Whether or not you are an avid golfer, it is a game that many retirees enjoy and Florida has some of the best courses around.

Second are the beaches. Florida is fortunate to have many beautiful beaches where retirees can laze the day away or can go fishing, snorkeling or scuba diving in the beautiful waters.

In spite of what some think, the housing is more affordable than in other states.

Florida also has many attractions for both the young and the young at heart. Discounts are offered to residents. Tourism is the main industry there -- so many beaches for visitors to enjoy, as well ad Disney World (the largest resort in the world with four theme parks), Sea World, Busch Gardens, and so much more.

Florida is host to many National Parks, which have so many animals: reptiles like alligators and tortoises, dolphins and whales in the ocean, animals like the bobcat, panthers, and armadillos, and birds like the bald eagle, whooping crane, and pelicans!

There are lots of colleges and universities for those who prefer a Florida locations with others who who are the "thinkers" of the world!

Last but by no means least; Florida is the new Mecca for Senior citizens. Many enterprises cater specifically to seniors.

Florida, to me, seems to have something for everybody -- maybe that's why its the 4th highest population in the nation!

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