Retirement Job: THE 17 STEPS


Recently I started a new job caring for a client in his home. How hard could this be... after all I had been a nurse for 25 years and was very capable of performing my tasks!I

I was to sleep during the day and be available for the client all night long 11pm - 8am for a long weekend! This client was awake every hour on the hour requesting that Ii warm up his neck pillow, one of these things that can be put in the micro~wave! The request wasn't the problem, the 17 steps up and down from the top of the stairs to the bottom of the stairs were the problem~~and i still had 3 nights to go!

I left my A535 rub at home in another city & client lived in the country, miles away from the closest drug store and I wasn't driving. I got a drive there for the weekend and a pick-up on Tuesday morning!

Anyways, I did make it thru those 4 nights, the client was none the wiser. However, I'm sure if i had been aware of those 17 steps, I would not have taken the assignment with that client on that long week-end.

I pretty much spent the next couple of days just lying around on the sofa & on my bed trying to recover from the (aging ) pain in my knees!

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17 Steps To Success
by: Anonymous

Sharyn, Hi! And Welcome! It looks like the occupation of 'Home Health Care Attendant' could be a hazardous one.

I have seen some women in Canada with similar postings that had more problems than the clients had. For instance there was one home health care attendant who was doing her duties when the male client grabbed her in a sexual position.

This particular attendant was shocked and was never the same since. She took this person to court and also needed psychological help from this bad experience.

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