Retirement & New Job Offer: Need help movin on!

by Anonymous

I have worked the same job for 31 years. I have checked and can draw within 400 a month of my current salary. Realizing I'm working for 100 a week made me seriously look into other options.

Then along came a job offer doing something I enjoy doing. It will require alot of hours but I feel I need challenged.

My problem is accepting the stepping down and moving out of my comfort zone. It's on my mind constantly. I have a week or so to make my decision and they are even offering a transition period to move out of my current job.

How do I mentally move on and get excited?

Wendy: This is simply my two cents... ok? To me, there are two things to consider.

(1) Sooo many retirees are anxious after retirement because they don't know who they are and what to do all day. They feel lost. YOU have an offer to transition from your present job to a new job, and there aren't many jobs out there today! You are being offered one!

If you want to work, you have your "out".. if not, whole different story.

(2) If you are bored with your present job and ready to retire anyway, financially, why not?

It sounds like you want a new challenge, you can quit anytime if you later decide its just not for you... but you are one (of few nowadays) who can "Double Dip".

You can bank your pension and live on the new income (or vice versa). Just think - even if you only work a year, imagine your retirement savings account increasing rapidly!

Finally, you didn't mention your age... so I assume you won't start Social Security yet. That means a few more years of work will likely be used in your SS 35 year average -- knocking out a few years early on when you worked as a teen, college student, early career. Your SS payment, in the end, is based on the high 35 years... and you'll end up with more credits with continued work too.

To me, it's a win-win-win....

Having said that, I retired 2 yrs ago, age 55, with 36 years of service and I choose to retire. No more work for me (only my own entrepreneurial ideas)!

Hopefully, some other retirees will chime in with their two cents!

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Follow your heart
by: Irwin

We have been retired now since 1996 (forced retirement) but have done more things that we enjoy doing and want to do now that we are retired than we were able to or wanted to do while we were working.

The older we get, hopefully the more aware we are just how short one's life may be.

Keeping that thought in mind, what better way to spend the latter part of one's life doing that which they love and want to do. After all, how many of us have spent what appeared to be a lifetime in a job we really didn't love - but hey - it paid the bills.

If you really love everything about this new job offer, go for the brass ring. Do what your heart is telling you to do.

Move on to MOVE FORWARD!
by: Barbara age 62 (H.H.)

Dear Anonyomus,

At 53 you are still young enough! If you can collect your pension at your age (many employers consider early retirement at 55) and you have earned enough pension money through your time with your present employer and more time will not significantly raise your pension, you are in a good position.

If you can live on your pension, you are in a VERY good position - and, if as you said, you would enjoy doing this new job it will breathe new life into you.

You have an opportunity and you should grab it - do not let your fears hold you back.

I wish you all the luck!

you said it
by: Jim McNaughton

You said it is a job doing something you really like. That is the answer to your question.

Happiness makes for a longer life. What matters most is not the first, but the last chapter of you life. So let go of the past and set yourself free.

Open your mind to the possibility that the next venture will be the best of your life, Grab it.

Wendy: WOW.. I wanted to BOLD and highlight this entire post.. thanks for the feedback, Jim! Wise man!

by: Anonymous

By the way i'm 53. Thanks for the reply just needing to hear it from other than my own angle

Wendy Only YOU know whats right for YOU.

But, especially at 53, keep working if you are happy with that lifestyle! You aren't eligible until 62 for Social Security so why not earn income now?

Estimate your NET PENSION (not gross) multiplied by 12 for your Savings Each Year you Work.

Multiply by 2 years, 3 years, or even 9 years until age 62! THAT should definately start you off on the right foot!

P.S. You will KNOW when you are ready to retire. People told me that for years.. I thought it was odd. BUT in the end, 2 weeks notice and I was gone.. it's good when you get there!!

Best Wishes!!

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