Retirement - not likely from my own business...

by Betty

I started working full-time when I was 19, raised three kids, started my own successful business--but I don't ever expect to retire.

There are two reasons: 1) on almost any given day, I find working more rewarding than not working, and 2) I doubt I'll ever be able to afford traditional retirement.

Instead, I'm starting now, in my 50s, to develop multiple income streams that I can maintain with less effort over time. Seems like the smartest way to go.

I could live on my retirement funds, including Social Security, but I like getting a paycheck.

And as important (or maybe more so) I like the people connection I get from my job, and my mind stays sharp instead of getting rusty.

I admire people who make a good life in retirement, but I'm afraid if I fully retired I would just let the days slip by.

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