Retirement-Online is in Woman's World Magazine!  (March 2017)

I first wrote about my Woman's World magazine interview here...

I hoped that I would be in the final issue, but I wasn't certain... driving me buggy!

It was supposed to be on store shelves on March 1... I have looked daily at Barnes & Noble book store, CVS, Rite Aide, Walgreens, over and over, to no avail.

The old yellow issue was there, the new issue was not.  Where the heck is the new issue?

Finally, I had gone to lunch with Karen and Bill at Le Saj today and had a nice day. Bill left around 4pm.

Saturday night, I decide to go to church out of the blue... instead of Sunday morning.

On the way, I felt a tug to visit Rite Aide even though I was there already. In fact, I made that split decision and turned from the middle lane into the parking lot, almost running into another car! Yikes! It just was something I suddenly HAD to do... besides get to church and not be late! 

Guess what?  My intuition was spot on -- there it was. And better yet, I was in it!

This is me, sitting in the car, right after I got the issue... 

I sent this page to my family and a few business friends. Got Congrats from all -- they know this is a big step for me. My brother-in-law, John,  commented on the "flattering pic in the car"... it's not supposed to be flattering. It's my reality shot -- quick shocked - happy - surprised look! 

Here is the page, not readable here, but I did want to show readers the full page!

I am the middle of three "American's Ultimate Experts" at the bottom of the page!

Now I will admit my part on this page is small (see the image below)  but this gal is beyond  happy!


Thank you Kristina from Woman's World for this opportunity!

Clarification: As you read #2 below,  I wanted to say one thing...

It sounds like I am suggesting you call every provider every year. I don't think that works... ever. The former teacher would call a different  provider each year to request a lower rate. She told them she was retired, couldn’t afford the bill, and was considering a competitor… and quite often she got a reduced rate. Most people think the monthly rate isn’t negotiable — but this gal did just fine!