Retirement, Reservatrol and Me... Very Excited!

by Wendy

Recently, I learned that my sister is taking Reservatrol and has been for some time. Lorri has unending energy (which drives me nuts, as I just simply don't!) I never knew... but it's part of her daily natural health routine.

Oddly enough, I had written about Reservage Organics brand of Reservatrol here: What Is Reservatrol? - but never knew my sister was already using this product.

I told Lorri that I would try it too, but just never remembered to buy it. Today, I got a package in the mail and Kaitlyn from Reservage Organics (interview link above), and she sent Reservatrol for me to try! Woo Hoo! Happy happy! Thank you Kaitlyn!

What truly amazes me (from the supporting literature I received) is that a capsule a day is the equivalent to the health benefits of 400 glasses of wine. Some benefits follow:

  • maximum antioxidant protection
  • improve/restore cardiovascular function
  • triggers the "longevity gene" (SIRTI)
  • provides rapid cell rejuvenation
  • enriches daily defenses against stress, toxins, and free radicals!

    This is the one I'm taking... Reservage Organics: Reservatrol

    I looked at the Amazon link on the page above, and its $30 for 60 caps (must be on sale, it's normally $39.99), so that's only 50-cents a day to make me feel even better (and hopefully look my best too!) I hope this works and I'll continue with it like sis does...

    I also read the Customer Reviews on Amazon, some said they didn't get ill any more, felt more energy, and had friends that said they looked healthy. I want all of that too!

    Bottom Line: I will report back in a few weeks to tell you how I'm feeling...

    If you take Reservatrol from another company... email me and I'll send you a comparison chart I also received to show why the Reservage Organics brand of Reservatrol ranks compared to the rest. It's also Organic.. is yours?

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    Reservatrol: wonderful supplement
    by: Gina in Olean, NY

    I pay $19.99 for 250 count from NSI brand . There's always reduced 70%. NSI HAS A GREAT REPUTATION, People tell me I look 15 yrs. Younger than my years and have endless energy . I am 75 years old. I have been researching vitamins and herbs since I was 35 yrs. old......

    good luck! Gina

    by: Wendy

    Months ago, I wrote about my ReserveAge Resveratrol use.

    At first, I had a few days where my body seemed to "buzz" from the reservatrol... that could have been my imagination, but I felt really full of energy! It was good.

    Later, I missed days here and there -- but when I'd take it again, I didn't get the buzz feeling (grin!)
    but did feel good.

    This past week or so I've been a little down, physically, for no reason at all... Just kinda lazy, kinda not so motivated, and that just isn't me!

    Then I spied my reservatrol and took it two days in a row, and I feel really good again.

    It seems I have more energy - but also my mind (which thinks far too fast for its own good) is back to being logical and motivated and excited about life.

    ReserveAge Resveratrol works for me!

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