Retirement Social Groups by email?

How do i become part of a social email group? I do not use Windows Messenger--i use ATT/Yahoo to send and receive emails.

Wendy If you are talking about my retirement email groups, they are all via email, period.

If you send an email to the group email address, everyone in that group will get your email and any or all of them can reply to it.

When someone sends a message to the group, or replies to any message, they all go to everyone in the group - you too!

I always think of it like the old-fashioned party line on telephones when I was a kid.. years ago!
(As kids, we'd quietly pick up phones and listen in on conversations,.. bad kids! grin!)

If you are interested in daily chit chat with a group of new friends, check out my retirement email groups here!

You can easily get out if you decide later that's its not for you, there is an unsubscribe link at the bottom of every email. Some groups are very chatty and active - others not as much.


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