Retirement tests who we really are

by Elna Nugent
(Lenox, MA)

Years back my husband's father said to his son "Jack, find a hobby or interest --something that really grabs your attention. If you don't find an interest, by the time you retire, you can flounder and the package stores and wineries will likely shorten your life.

My husband was an administrator. On weekends I noticed he loved problems to solve--things around the house to fix. He would bring the kids with him to the hardware stores to get what he needed. He never gave up on a problem that seemed impossible. He stuck to it and consulted with others until he found answers. I learned from all this.

But In my case, I had too many interests and hobbies, and when I retired from my job. I required interesting courses or or workshops to satisfy.

Years back, as a grade schooler, a neighborhood tragedy occurred that compelled me to spend my life researching "what we are doing here and why." It took years, to find answers I needed.

We each have to find our own. I had some unbelievable experiences, but I know that essentially we learn from the hard times yet can know that" All is well" and we can trust that fact completely.

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