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"The Restless Retiree"

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Sandy says:  "Let's start a meaningful discussion together. "

Like Wendy, Sandy is a sandwich generation person as we both care for aging parents.

I came out of depression to find a good balance in life after retirement." 

Sandy obviously has lots to share! 

Introducing Sandy Heerkens, New York

Hi, I am Sandy.  I call myself, "the restless retiree". 

I worked for 36 years after college, most of that time as an HR professional, before retiring at 57.  That was three years ago.  I am married with two sons and realize how fortunate I am to be able to say that.  

Currently, I work part-time and do volunteer work.  Mostly, though, I am helping to care for my elderly parents as they enter the final stages of life.  

Retirement has given me many opportunities and many challenges.  I hope to share those with others in an effort to help them enjoy the retired life.  And I hope to learn from others.  Yes, the baby boomer generation is redefining retirement but we have a great deal to learn from each generation. 

Let's start a meaningful discussion together.

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