The truth comes out!

by Sandy
(New York)

I will be the first to admit that my house has never been described as spotless. Although my home is clean, it has always been cluttered with half finished projects, pieces of mail to file, and reminders of things I need to do.

While working, I always thought that one day, my home would be immaculate. All my mail would be filed. I would have no unfinished projects. My house would be just like those I had seen in magazines where people could stop by at any time and admire my domestic skills.

Did I mention that freshly baked cookies would also be at the ready?

Well, it has been three years since I retired. And while I work part-time, volunteer, and care for my parents, I have not found the time to create that home of my dreams.

Frankly, some days it looks worse than when I worked full-time with a very grueling schedule. As I think about this, I believe it is now time to admit the truth. I hate housework. There....I said it. No matter how much time I have, I will never have a home that is always "guest-ready".

And now that I am older and wiser, I can say that I really don't care!

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To Clean or Not To Clean
by: Norma/Naughton, ON

It turns out I am the opposite. When I worked, my house was always clean. I would run around like a maniac to get everything just right.

What if someone drops by?
What it I'm too busy tomorrow to get anything done?

I have been retired for two months and now my house looks lived in during the day. I start frantically cleaning at about 4:00 before my husband gets home so he doesn't think I did nothing all day. I don't know why this matters to me, but it does. I guess I am not comfortable yet with not having been productive with my time.

I hope that will change and I will allow myself to truly relax.

clean home
by: Sherry, Wilmington, NC

I feel good in a clean organized home and it is so much easier to find things I need or want.

Throw It Away or Put It Away
by: Linda/Nevada

I have three reasons why I like to live in a clean, uncluttered, and stylish apartment.

I live in a senior apartment complex where the one bedroom apartments are only 621 square feet. I have seen the inside of some of these apartments and it is so sad to see people live in an apartment where the kitchens and bathrooms are filthy and the other rooms have no space to walk around in. One person admitted to me that she hadn't vacuumed her carpets in almost a year.

If the apartments are not kept clean, the filters for the central air system will not allow the heater and air conditioner to work properly. During summers of 100 degrees and higher, who wouldn't want their air conditioner to work at its best capacity? Dirty kitchens and bathrooms can attract mold and piles of clothes and boxes are taking up valuable space where square footage is limited. A clean home is a healthy place to live.

My second reason for living clutter free is my concern for my daughter. When I pass away, it will be her job to clear out my apartment. It will be a stressful time for her and I want to make it as easy as possible. I had to clear out my mother's apartment, when she died, and it was a nightmare. Drawers full of papers, old newspaper clippings, paid bills, and everything in between.

In my current apartment, I go through my file cabinet and shred useless documents every six months to a year. If I buy something new, I look for anything I don't use or need and donate it to charities. I don't want my daughter to cringe when she comes into my apartment to purge my life's possessions.

I lived, for a short time with a boyfriend, who turned out to be a closet hoarder. He had a large home, 2500 square feet, and it had four bedrooms. Three of those bedrooms were filled with junk. The kitchen was a mess and the rest of the house was cold and uninviting. I may not live in a big house with plenty of room, but I live in an apartment that I am proud to call my home.

I have furniture that is clean and modern, artwork on the walls that are interesting, bedding that is stylish and comfortable, and a kitchen that has matching dishes and glassware.

I am a neat, organized person and I am proud of it!

Decluttering Mom and me!
by: June in Wisconsin

I retired 3 years ago and admit to wishing my home was decluttered and guest ready. Mom likes things a little less spare. Nevertheless we have lived together for more than 30 years amicably (since my father died).

I am beginning to tidy and declutter and it feels so good. I am being mindful of Mom's sentimental attachments to some things. At 92 she is giving me a lot of latitude to donate and get rid of non-special things.

We have two large dogs so decluttering makes getting thir hair cleaned up a lot easier. Cupboards house all the housewares trinkets of decades long past and even the pantry has some significantly out of date stuff.

Wish me luck as I tackle closets, cupboards and a full basement!

Accepting My Style
by: Linda

I appreciate this topic because I've always wanted to have a showcase house. And, have never achieved it. However, I'm accepting my style which is comfortable and probably a little cluttered. My house is a reflection of me with my books, art table and other collections. I truly live in my house and the older I get the more accepting and grateful I am for my home.

A little chuckle, Linda
by: Sandy

Linda from Nevada

I consider my surroundings beautiful and tasteful as well. They just happen to be covered in "stuff". Yes, different strokes for sure - that's the richness of diversity. Thanks for your comment.

by: Linda New York

Congratulations on you liberating realization...the truth shall set you free!


Our houses are really extensions of the outdoors and dust/dirt are always around so make yourself comfortable and adapt and relax and find some space.

Are you pleased? YOU are the one who matters.

Always laugh when I hear about those slaving away to have a "clean" house for "company" who probably won't notice. Relax

Just The Opposite
by: Linda/Nevada

My situation is just the opposite of yours. Now that I am retired, my small but cozy apartment has become my sanctuary where I can relax and reflect on my life. Even though I am on a tight budget, I am very proud of how I have decorated my apartment. I have always been accused of being a "neat freak" so nothing has changed in that respect. My living quarters, no matter what they have been, represents to me, a reflection of my respect for myself.

I guess when you spend as much time as I do at home, beautiful and tasteful surroundings make staying at home a pleasant and peaceful experience.

Different Strokes for Different Folks!

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