Second time downsized, but this feels better.

by Tammie
(Sarasota, FL)

About 7 years ago, spouse and I downsized from 2,500 square foot 3 car garage, lanai, pool -- TO -- a second floor condominium 2 Bedrooms, 2 baths (less than 1,100 square feet) in community age 55 plus.

We lived there two years but quickly realized that it was too much of a downsize for us. For example, we now had a carport rather than garage. Neighbors are closer (below, above or next to you). Steps were challenging when carrying all food downstairs to use community grills for BBQ. So we decided to return to a single family home in a deed restricted community.

Three bed., 2 baths, 2 car garage with a private backyard with pond (about 1,500). Perfect fit! Have extra room when grandkids visit. Walk five feet to own first floor lanai to sit in own hot tub or to grill or take dog outside. No more getting wet walking from carport or multiple trips up and down steps for unloading groceries and best of all, have wonderful neighbors.

Now at age 60 and 62, we found a perfect home to retire in.

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by: Sherry/ NC

Yes, Wendy, I have lots of stuff also. I love my stuff too. I love to look at it. Can you imagine that? I laugh at myself; stuff that I have had for many years now.

When my kids come to visit I tell them to walk around the house and look at everything and take what they want, but they don't want any of it!

I have a few antiques and they are interesting pieces mixed with traditional furniture and it looks great, but they are not interested.

They like IKEA; cheap put together Scandinavian furniture. I have some of their grandparents things; paternal and maternal. They don't care! Oh well, I will have to have an estate sale or they will when I pass on. I have taken several things to a consignment store. I could write a story book about all of these
things that are dear to me.

My home is full of interesting things and they have minimum things in their homes. It is less to clean, but my thoughts do not work like this because I feel comfort in my home with my grandparents and parents surrounding me!

Great points!
by: Dana

Tammie, I'm so glad you posted your downsizing experience for others to take into consideration before making the move.

I have a small two bedroom home up north however having recently retired last year I wanted to go down South for the winter months. I rented a nicely decorated furnished one bedroom apartment in a beautiful Victorian house which held ten apartments, close to a vibrant downtown, knowing I would be within walking distance to many things the small city had to offer.

I soon found out that living with close neighbors didn't suit me. People slamming doors, a laundry room that was often in use with others leaving their laundry in the washer/dryer, barking dogs, walking up and down a full flight of stairs with groceries, parking in a back-of-the house parking lot, crowded and noisy streets, etc.

I lived there for five months and was very happy to head north come Spring to my little single family home with one stall garage and nice backyard in a quiet neighborhood.

Still planning to go South again this winter however am renting a single family house in an over 55 active retirement community with a garage and all on one level.

So glad I didn't sign a year's lease or buy a condo since there were things I never thought of before I experienced them!

Wendy: See, this is interesting -- I read Victorian, Vibrant Downtown and thought THAT would be fun. Short walk for lunch, shopping then back to my peaceful home. -- Then I read further, NOT. Big wow. Goes to show how you need to TEST OUT a new place! Thanks for sharing!

by: Cindi H, Ohio

Sounds like a great solution. We settled into our home - ranch style, 2 car garage straight into house and a little smaller yard - but backing up to the woods. Neighbors are not too close and we have about 1400 sf - enough for guest room, music room and plenty of space for us. Enjoy your place!

Wendy The back yard is one thing I look at right away -- I love the concept of a smaller yard BUT backed up to woods (not another yard)!

Good Points!
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

So happy you shared your downsizing experience.

I've looked for new homes for 2 years now - only online, but ready to go LOOK at homes. Problem is I don't want to get rid of all my "stuff" yet!

I'm also not ready for condo life... just not me!

Very interesting! Thank you!

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