Seeking Brother Bon's correspondence...

by Alexander
(Sevastopol Ukraine)

I welcome you to be in correspondence with me.

I welcome you to be in correspondence with me.

For first of all let me introduce myself. 2011 year - I am a single 61 years old man. When 60 years old came to me and said:” Hello” My work said:”Bye” to me or I said:”Bye” to my work. I am retired and I am alone.

I took a travel to Russia, Caucasus, Israel, Greece and Ukraine. I did enjoy the world of seas and lands. I live on area of the former town-republic Chersonese founded 4 Age B.C.

I graduated from the college. I worked in a town power supply company where I was a chief of the department office. The company gives the light at houses and on streets.

I am a Orthodox Christian and each Sunday I attend a church.

I like the fishing. I like reading. I enjoy bicycle when my legs work. I play the chess and sometimes I make a mosaic pictures. Recently by bus I took the trip on a mountain, 1449 metres (4833 foots) height above sea level where I did watch sky, sea and many colors sunset, beautiful corner of my area, so beautiful that each time you visit them they give you a sense of happiness and fullness of life, tune all your being to the uncommonly simple and fruitful special inspiration!

I do not want to leave here, from the area where I live in Sevastopol, city with paint galleries, museums, theatre, near sea, mountains, trees, and flowers. I feel comfortable I have own 2 rooms flat in 28 flats house. Ukraine is independent country with full democratic freedoms, President is a Christian.

I like to take a walk in good sunny weather in park, forest to watch the animals and birds. I enjoy listening to different music.

If you have any questions for me, please feel free to ask me. I will look forward to hearing from you.

I would like to make the friends, who know to remain all alone, who can feel the loneliness of senior age man. I do hope that we will be able exchange the friendly e-mail letters. It is why I am here.

Take care.

Wendy Alexander, My grandparents on my mother's side were from the Ukraine many many years ago. They met in Canada, married and had kids, then the whole family moved to Michigan, USA.

Both grandparents immigrated as young teens, alone with no family, so it's difficult to trace anything back on their genealogy.

I don't see many from the Ukraine out here on the internet, at least, not where I visit.. so it was nice to see you!

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Feb 06, 2015
Roman catholic priest
by: Fr John Chambi, Korogwe-Tanzania

Dear bro Boniface, thanks a lot for your biography. You real shocked me a week ago when I received tablet copy from England. I did not know the person who was so considerate to the point of buying such a worthy while prestigious paper for me.

I thought of contacting the owners of Tablet themselves firstly but then after a week of diving in the seas of dreams about who knows me somewhere there England or any where in such matters, suprisingly I got an invoice letter which has your email address. Once again thanks a lot.

Tablet has been my weekly paper ever since I was a theology student in late seventies and early eighties. I was ordained in 1982.

Since then I have been working in several seminaries and convents in my country Tanzania. That was where I always encountered Tablet.

Due to some economical difficulties, sometimes was not easy to get Tablet regularly, especially in parishes which are in remote areas. A friend of mine, benedictine missionary from Germany working here in Tanzania would send me his copy after reading.

Now dear Boniface you could since how you surprised me down. You are the one who enabled me to have a copy of Tablet of my own. You d' know what happened after finishing reading it. I carried to the school teachers who are my neighbours. I showed them that copy and told them to read it for is from England, written by real English people.

Dear Bonny just get that little, more is coming from this part of the world. My gratitude to you, yours fr John Chambi.

Aug 12, 2013
Would like to correspond with Alexander
by: Anonymous

I would like to correspond with Alelxander from Sevastopol, Ukraine. Could I have his email address so that I can write to introduce myself and see if we can be friends. How does one go about it?
Thank you.

Wendy: Brother Bon, is this YOU writing? I'm not sure. Alexander, if you see this post, please comment back with your email address adn I will provide it to this writer (nobody else). It won't be posted online.

Oct 06, 2011
Hello, Alexander
by: Bro. Boniface

So nice of you to make this friendly comment. You too have a story to tell. If you like to get in touch you can do so via my email address:
bro.boniface at
look forward to hearing from you.

Sep 25, 2011
friendly note
by: dolores

hello there, funny thing, your folks moved to michigan, an i'm from there, was born an raised there 76 years ago. wo hoo . i am now living out west idaho. close to one of my daughters.
sounds like you live in a beautiful place, as I do as i love the trees an the mountains, we are getting fall here, an today finally some rain after two months of none. hope this finds you well, an may god bless always dolores

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