Senior Pen Pal Thoughts from Retired Farmer

by Terry
(United kingdom)

I would like to encourage all those retired people that are considering being a senior pen friend to give it a go!

I have made a small circle of good friends since I started writing.

What everyone must consider first though is whether they have the time and be able to maintain the enthusiasm to write long and interesting e mails, because just writing a few lines back each time whilst still expecting your friend to put in the effort is not a good policy, and because of that he or she may then decide not to continue.

I get a lot of pleasure and support from my friends and I have found that there are numerous people only too keen to write, so why not give it a try?

I personally have enough pen pals for the present but that can change as being a penfriend is quite a fluid arrangement and you never know how many will stay or go. What I do urge you to do is Try It !!

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I agree with you
by: Eva Thompson

Hello Retired farmer.

I was once a farmer, was married to one.Like you say,you never know who might be your pen pal.It's certainly worth a try,it also breaks the ice with people around the globe,some would rather write in their own circle and some want to reach out to others in different age groups.So I would encourage others,also to give it a try.
email et7786 at

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